Introduction to the Poly-Olbion Pilot Project

The Poly-Olbion Pilot Project is an online resource dedicated to the first book of Poly-Olbion, a major topographical poem composed by Michael Drayton (1563-1631), and featuring supplementary notes (or 'Illustrations') by the scholar John Selden (1584-1654). Beyond the text itself, this website also contains further information about the text and its poet, an annotated map of the south-west region of England detailed in the first book (or 'Song'), and an extensive, community-edited bibliography of primary and secondary sources relevant to the work and its authors.

The Project's purpose is to use the first Song as a pilot for more extensive work on the text as a whole, in anticipation of a proposed new critical edition of the text, to be edited by Professor Andrew McRae and Professor Philip Schwyzer at the University of Exeter's Department of English. The editorial notes accompanying Song 1 are freely available to visitors to the site.

The text (poem and Illustrations, together with their respective marginal notes) was fully encoded in TEI-XML, and converted to HTML using a custom XSL stylesheet. The XML file containing the fully-encoded text has been made available for reuse and modification under a Creative Commons license; similarly, the Zotero group hosting the bibliography has been made public, and can be extended directly by other Zotero users.

Poly-Olbion cover Song 1 map Michael Drayton Prince Henry