There are a remarkable number of high-quality sites around the Web providing valuable resources on medieval and early modern history and literature that may be of interest to visitors to this site. A sample of these sites has been listed below, together with brief overviews of their content. This list will be kept up to date and expanded on a regular basis to reflect the growing number of online resources on subjects related to those on this website.

Early Stuart Libels

A web-based edition of early seventeenth-century political poetry from manuscript sources, bringing into the public domain over 350 poems. Edited by Alastair Bellany and Andrew McRae.

A Cuppe of Newes

A blog maintained by Philip Schwyzer at the University of Exeter's Department of English, bringing news of early modern studies at Exeter, around the southwest, and beyond.

The Oxford Edition of the Sermons of John Donne

Website for a new critical edition of Donne's sermons, with introductions and explanatory notes for a new generation of readers. The site contains detailed information on each of the edition's 16 volumes.

The University of Texas at Austin Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Digital Collection

A database collection of 215 medieval or Renaissance manuscripts that date between the 11th and 17th centuries, including item-level descriptions for each of the manuscripts and keyword searching.

Survey of Scottish Witchcraft

An electronic resource for the history of witchcraft and witch-hunting in Scotland, featuring an interactive database and supporting web pages. Edited by ulian Goodare, Lauren Martin, Joyce Miller and Louise Yeoman.

Richard Brome Online

An online edition of the Collected Works of the Caroline dramatist, Richard Brome. Each of the 16 plays featured is accompanied by two essays, and sets the Quarto and Modern texts side-by-side.

The Shakespeare Quartos Archive

A digital collection of pre-1642 editions of William Shakespeare's plays, with a fully-functional interface prototype for Hamlet displaying reproductions and transcriptions of thirty-two copies of its five earliest editions.

Henslowe-Alleyn Digitisation Project

High-quality images of every page of the manuscripts relating to theatrical affairs in the Henslowe-Alleyn Papers at Dulwich College, plus 'digital essays' on a representative sample of these wide-ranging documents.

The Holinshed Project

A parallel text edition of the two versions of Holinshed's Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland published in 1577 and 1587, together with working papers and an extensive bibliography.

John Foxe's Book of Martyrs

A digital version of the four editions of John Foxe's Book of Martyrs (1563, 1570, 1576, and 1583), complemented by numerous scholarly essays offering further insights on the work and its author.

Hap Hazard: a Manuscript Resource for Spenser Studies

An online resource dedicated to the study of Edmund Spenser, comprising a scholarly edition of A vewe of the present state of Irelande, supplementary materials, and a forum for the exchange of opinions.

Pepys' Diary

A presentation of the diaries of Samuel Pepys, with a new entry written by Pepys published each day over the course of several years. The site also has a highly popular presence on the social networking site, Twitter.

Mapping Medieval Chester

A website bringing together an interactive digital map of Chester c.1500 interlinked with medieval textual 'mappings' of the city c.1200-1500, compiled by scholars working in the disciplines of literary studies, geography, archaeology and history.

Old Bailey Online

A fully searchable edition of 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court. A wiki external to the site provides an extensive bibliography to accompany the main material, open to contributions from the public.

Scriptorium: Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Online

A digital archive of manuscript miscellanies and commonplace books from c. 1450-1720, including research and teaching resources for late medieval and early modern manuscript studies

Internet Shakespeare Editions

A variety of Shakespeare-related resources, including fully annotated texts of his plays and poems, records of his plays in performance, and thousands of searchable pages devoted to the history, arts, politics, society, and stage of Shakespeare's world.