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Use these special characters to perform advanced text searches
character(s) represents example matches
* a sequence of letters abr* Abrantès, Abreu, Abraham, etc.
? a single letter ac?ard Accard, Achard
" " exact phrase "Abel de Pujol" Abel de Pujol (only, and not for e.g. Abel, Bernard)
~ fuzzy search jeanaret~ Jeanneret, Jeannest, Jeanron, etc.
+ required term jean +paul results containing jean and paul
- prohibited term jean -paul result containing jean but not paul
Boolean operators
character(s) performs example matches
and finds all terms académie and suisse lesser number of results containing both terms
or finds any terms académie or suisse greater number of results containing either term
not excludes terms académie and not suisse unrelated set of results excluding second term
( ) complex searches académie and (suisse or france) académie and one or other of suisse and france
Note: 'and' is the default behaviour, so a search for "académie and suisse" is effectively the same as "académie suisse"