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Id: 24
Ref: STC 7598
Title: Sorrowes Joy. Or, A Lamentation for our late deceased Soveraigne Elizabeth, with a triumph for the prosperous succession of our gratious King, James, &c.
Year: 1603
Author: Thomas Walkington
Thomas Milles
Thomas Goodrick
Thomas Cecill
Thomas Byng
Thomas Bradburie
Theophilius Field
T. G.
T. B.
Richard Parker
R. B.
Phineas Fletcher
L. G.
John Jones
John Bowle
J. G.
Henrie Campion
Giles Fletcher
G. F.
Edward Kellet
E. L.
Printer: John Legatt
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Poetic miscellany on the death of Elizabeth I and the succession of James I, written by members of the Cambridge colleges. This was the second miscellany produced by Cambridge; for the other see 'Threno-thriambeuticon' [STC 4493]. Not recorded in Case. When only an author's initials are given after a poem, these have been expanded where possible using Cooper and Cooper (1858-61), Venn (1922-27), and ODNB. A text of the poems in this miscellany is included in Nichols, IV, pp. 735-766.
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