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Id: 3283
Ref: STC 13579.5
Title: Hollandi-Posthuma. A Funerall Elegie of King James: With a Congratulatory Salve to King Charles.
Year: 1626
Author: Abraham Holland
Publisher: Henry Holland
Categories: James I
Charles I
Notes: The imprint, in Latin, gives the place of publication as Cambridge. See however ODNB for London as place of publication. The work collects together several verse elegies, including an epitaph for Holland himself who died of the plague in February 1626. He handed the poems on to his brother, Henry, at whose expense they were printed [ODNB]. The first of the elegies is 'An Elegie: Or, Some Posthume Teares, upon the Royall Hearse of our Late Sovereigne James, King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland; Defender of the Faith, &c. Who Died at his Manour of Theobalds, the xxvii. of March, 1625.' This poem has a separate title page and it is dedicated 'To the Right High & Mightie Charles, of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland; the first King (of that Name) and second Monarch: Defender of the Faith, &c. Sole Inheritor of his Royall Fathers Kingdomes and Vertues.' Other versions at STC 13579 and 13579.3.
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