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Id: 3286
Ref: STC 23772
Title: A Living Sadnes, In Duty consecrated to the Immortal memory of our late Deceased albe-loved Soveraigne Lord, The Peereles Paragon of Princes, James, King of great Britaine, France and Ireland. Who departed this Life at his Mannour of Theobalds, on Sunday last, the 27. of March, 1625.
Year: 1625
Author: John Taylor
Categories: James I
Charles I
Notes: No place of publication on imprint; London from STC. Another edition (STC 233772a) gives details of printer and publisher. Dedicatory poem addressed 'To the Most High and Puissant Prince, Charles by the Grace of God, the first of that Name, and second Monarch of the whole Iland [sic] of Great Brittaine'. Followed by an elegy for James I.
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