Using the VMBA database

The bowls are ordered according to their Schøyen publication number. You can perform text searches on client name and other fields, and/or you can filter the results by Biblical references.

To view a particular bowl, click on "View images in more detail". From this page, you can navigate to the next bowl in your search/filter results by clicking "next bowl", or you can return to your search results by clicking "Back to bowl listing". Click on a thumbnail on the left to select which image is displayed in the middle. Once you have selected the image you want, run the cursor over it to zoom in - a new window will appear on the right. At this point, you can zoom in and out using your mouse wheel. You may alternatively click on 'View image in new window' and use your browser to zoom in and out - the usual way is to hold down the Ctrl key and then press the '+' or '-' keys to zoom in or out. From this view you can also use File/Save to create a local copy, but please note these images are copyright protected and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.

If you are having difficulty using the VMBA’s photographic archive, please contact Siam Bhayro

Advanced text searches

The following special characters can be used in text searches:

character(s) represents
* a sequence of letters
? a single letter
" " exact phrase
~ fuzzy search
+ required term
- prohibited term
and finds all terms
or finds any terms
not excludes terms
( ) complex boolean searches