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Registered copy of the acknowledgement of debt of Faraj bin Said Bajura to Jairam Shivji

Faraj [bin] Said Bajura acknowledges his debt of 28 silver coins (qirsh) and his sale of a plot of land to Jairam bin Shivji Al-Banyani. At the behest of Krishnadas, this deed of acknowledgement (iqrar) was registered with the British Vice Consul of Zanzibar in 1886, eleven years after the document was written.1

Functional document type: Private Deeds

Formal document type: Iqrar

Themes: Buying and Selling, Debt and Mortgage, Money, Property

Gregorian calendar: 29 December 1886

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clerical notes (middle centre): English

Registered No. 1268 of 1886

main text: Arabic

1اقر فرج سعيد باجوره ان عليه لزيرام بن سيوه البانياني وكيل السركار ثمانية و عشرون قرشاً صرف
2البلد و قد باع له بحقه هذا اللذي في ارض باجمويو مجاور بيت ناصر بن حمد و بيت حبش الزدجالي
3بيعاً قطعاً تاريخ يوم ٦ في شهر شعبان سنة ١٢٩٢

1 Faraj [bin] Said Bajura acknowledges that he owes Jairam bin Shivji Al-Banyani, the agent of the sarkar, twenty-eight qirsh, in the currency of
2the town, and that he has sold him his right in the land in Bagamoyo that neighbors the house of Nasser bin Hamad and the house of Habash Al-Zadjali
3[and this is] a complete sale on 6 Shaʿban 1292.2

witness: Arabic

1و شهد بذلك عبيد بن عوض بن غانم كتبه الحقير الى ربه
2 عبدالله بن علي بن سالم بن عبدالسلام بيده
3 و شهد بذلك احمد بن مبارك الراعي
4 و كتبه بيده و شهد بذلك فيروز تابع السيد برغش و كتبه بيده

1And this was witnessed by Ubaid bin Awadh bin Ghanim, written by the wretched for his Lord,
2Abdullah bin Ali bin Salem bin Abdussalam, in his own hand.
3And this was witnessed by Ahmad bin Mubarak
and written by his own hand.
5And this was witnessed by Fairuz,
6the slave of Sayyid Barghash [Al-Busaidi, Sultan of Zanzibar] and written by his own hand.3

clerical notes (bottom centre): English

1Dated 6th Shaban 12924

2Deed of Sale of a house at Bagamoyo
3Sold by Faraj Saeed Bajur for $28
4To Jairam Sevji The Agent of Serkar [Sarkar]
5produced by Kersendas [Krishnadas]

authorisation (bottom centre): English

Zanzibar 29th December 1886 Ernest Berkeley5 H. M. Vice Consul Zanzibar [Figure: A small rectangle, containing the numbers 5/~. Below the box the words 'on Deed' are written.]


1. This deed was copied in the register on the same page as the registered copy of an acknowledgement of a loan taken by Jamadi from Mamla bin Nanji. [BACK]

2. This date is equivalent to 7 September 1875 CE. [BACK]

3. These are scribal copies of the witness statements that were written on the original document. [BACK]

4. This date is written in the same line as the last line of the Arabic maintext above. [BACK]

5. This name is signed. [BACK]

territorial division, larger than district; generic term for a sovereign or government (Mughal term)

a silver coin, equivalent to a Maria Theresa Dollar

territorial division, larger than district; generic term for a sovereign or government (Mughal term)




Zanzibar National Archives, AM 2/3 f. 246
Archival Collection: Arabic Deeds (Zanzibar) collection

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