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Declaration regarding the use of land for a graveyard, mosque, and hammam

A declaration recording an agreement between Mulla Jawad, Mulla Ahsanullah and Mulla Abbas about using land they owned in the neighbourhood (muhalla) of Hassanabad for a graveyard, a mosque and a public bath (hammam). The agreement relates to properties that were part of a charitable endowment (waqf).

Functional document type: Private Deeds

Formal document type: Iqrar

Themes: Buying and Selling, Property

Gregorian calendar: 22 May 1850
Hijri-qamri calendar: 10 Rajab 1266

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main text: Persian

1باعث تحریر این چند سطور آنکه چون زمین مقبره جد مرحومی ملا عبد الغنی مغفور در محله حسن آباد
2باختتام رسیده بود موجب آن ملا جواد مرحوم یک قطعه زمین در آن محله
3بابت مقبره خرید نمود و ملا احسن الله و ملا عباس را هم در همان محله زمینی
4موجود بود در آن ایّام ملا جواد را هوس تعمیر مسجد و حمام وقفی در حسن آباد
5مگر زمینی که لایق تعمیر آن می بود مسیر نشده با ملا احسن الله و ملا عباس
6مصلحت نمودند که بر زمین موجوده شما مسجد و حمام تیار می سازیم و زمین
7نو خرید ما برای مقبره مثل سابقه مشترک در میان ما و شما ماند چنانچه در همان
8ایام زمین ملا احسن الله و ملا عباس تحت تعمیر مسجد و حمام آمده است
9و زمین ملا جواد زیر مقبره مانده الحال نظر بر گردش اوضاع زمانه نموده
10این کاغذ در میان برادری خود باقرار جانبین تحریر کرده شد که
11عند الحاجت بکار آید فقط المرقوم دهم شهر رجب المرجب سنه ۱۲۶۶

1The reason for writing these few lines is that, the graveyard of the respected ancestor Mulla Abdul Ghani, who has been forgiven [by God],
2was exhausted [i.e. became full] in the muhalla of Hassanabad. On that account, Mulla Jawad, [now] deceased, bought a piece of land in that muhalla
3for the purpose of a graveyard while Mulla Ahsanullah and Mulla Abbas both already possessed land in that very muhalla.
4In those days, Mulla Jawad desired to construct a mosque and charitable [waqfi] hammam in Hassanabad,
5but the land which was suitable for constructing these was not available. He consulted with Mulla Ahsanullah and Mulla Abbas
6[saying] that I will build a dedicated mosque and a hammam on your existing land, and the land
7that I have newly purchased will remain for a graveyard, just like the old legacy, between you and I. Thus, in those very
8days on the land of Mulla Ahsanullah and Mulla Abbas, the foundation of the mosque and hammam [was constructed].
9And the land of Mulla Jawad remained under [dedicated to] graves. Currently, with a view to the changing habits of the age,
10this document was written within the community with the iqrars of the two parties, so that
11in time of need, it may be useful. Nothing further. Written on the 10th of the month of Rajab al-Murajjab, year 1266.

witness (right margin): Persian

1 مصطفی ۱۲۲۲

2 سید مهدی ۱۲۶۲

3 محمد حسین ۱۲ [۱۲]

4 علی ۱۲۴۰

5 علی عسکر ۱۲۶۲


7سبیل مصطفی ۱۲۶۳


9 عظم [ ۱۲۶ ]

10العبد یوسف بابا شاهد است


12سبیل تقی ۱۲۵۲

1[oval black ink seal] Mustafa 1222

2[oval black ink seal] Sayyid Mahdi 1262

3[oval black ink seal] Muhammad Hussein 12 [12]

4[oval black ink seal] Ali [ 1240 ]

5[oval black ink seal] Ali Askar 1262

6[oval black ink seal]

7[oval black ink seal] In the path of Mustafa [The Prophet] 1263

8[rectangular black ink seal]

9[oval black ink seal] Azam [126]

10The slave, Yusuf Baba is witness.

11[oval black ink seal]

12[rectangular black ink seal] In the path of the God-fearing 1252

a neighbourhood

a neighbourhood

a neighbourhood

legal declaration


Party to Agreement: Mulla Jawad
Party to Agreement: Mulla Ahsanullah
Party to Agreement: Mulla Abbas
Witness: Mustafa
Witness: Sayyid Mahdi
Witness: Muhammad Hussein
Witness: Ali
Witness: Ali Askar
Witness: Azam
Witness: Yusuf Baba




Hamdani Family Collection, no shelfmark
Archival Collection: Hamdani collection

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