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Copy of an order of Shri Huzur to Pirbakhsh settling an inheritance dispute

After hearing a petition from Pirbakhsh [Pirbakhas] regarding his dispute with Wasil [Vasal] over adoption and inheritance, the king's court orders that Wasil's claim is not valid.1

Functional document type: Orders, Administrative Records

Formal document type: Sanad, Bahi

Themes: Disputes, Inheritance, Petitioning, Women

Samvat-shravanadi calendar: 4 Pausha badi 1835
Gregorian calendar: 7 December 1778

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clerical notes (top): Rajasthani

कचैडी नागोर

Kacheri Nagaur 92

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main text: Rajasthani

1मिती पोस बदि ४ सोम संवत १८३५ रा

2तथा पीरजादा अलंमदीन रै बेटै पीरबखस
3अठै आयनै श्री हजुर मै अरज मालंम कराई
4पीर तारकीन जी रा पोता कंमालदीन सं|| १७९२ रै
5वरस फोत हुवो तरै अलमदीन नु कमालदी-
रै खोलै कंमालदीन री बहु भेलो राखीयो नै
7पछै सं|| १८१२ रै बरस लिखत कंमालदीन री
8बहु अलमदीन नु कर दीवी तिण मै लिखी-
9यो म्हारो माल मिलक रो ऊवारस अलमदिन
10है तीको लिखत हयाततुला रै दसखता रो छै नै
11पछै सं|| १८१७ रै वरस संनद पंण होय गई छै
12नै हंमै वासल झगडो करै छै कंमालदीन रा मा-
13ल मिलक मै हेसो मांगु आगै लिखत हुवो ति-
14ण मै म्हारा बाप री साख नंही सु वासल रै वा-
15प वारस तो लीयो जितरै इंतरा वरसा मै कदै-
16ई झगडो कीयो नंही नै वासल पंण हकीकत
17मालंम कराई सु हुकंम हुवो है अलमदीन नु
18कंमालदीन रै खोलै लीयां इंतरा वरस हुवां
19नै वासल रै बाप जीवतै झगडो नंही कीयो
20तो हंमै ही कैतब करंण देजो मती आडीओल
21संनद री नकल तफत्र3 मै उतार इंणा नु सुप देजो
22दु|| भं|| सांवतराम पं|| फतैकरण

1Dated Pausha badi 4 Monday of the Samvat [year] 1835

2Since pirzada Alamuddin’s son Pirbakhsh
3having come here [and] entered a petition to Shri Huzur that:
4Pir Tarkin Ji’s descendant Kamaluddin died
5in the Samvat year of 1792.
6Then Kamaluddin’s wife adopted Alamuddin on Kamaluddin’s behalf and
7later in the Samvat year of 1812 Kamaluddin’s wife
8made a document to Alamuddin in which it was written [that]
9the heir of my possessions is Alamuddin.
10That document has the signature of Hayattullah. And
11later, in the Samvat year of 1817, a sanad was also created.
12And now Wasil is quarrelling:4 [He says that] "I demand a portion in the possessions and property of Kamaluddin.
13The document that was created before
14did not include my father father’s witnessing." So Wasil’s
15father did take a right to inheritance, and through all those years
16he never quarrelled. And [since] Wasil has made the situation known again
17so the order has happened [thus]:
18Kamaluddin having adopted Alamuddin, this many years passed
19and Wasil’s father did not quarrel while alive
20so now also do not allow fraud to be done. Margin:5
21After taking a copy of the sanad in the daftar, entrust [the sanad] to him.
22Authorized by Bhandari Samvatram [and] Pandit Fatehkaran


1. An image of this document is not available for display on this website but can be viewed in Thelen, "Disputed Transactions," p. 820. The transcription displayed here has been adjusted to reflect the transliteration schema in use on this website. [BACK]

2. This text is written as a header on folio 9a but can be understood to apply to each entry on folios 9a and 9b. It indicates the administrative division and district where the order was issued. The folio number 9 is a later addition. [BACK]

3. This is a scribal error for दफतर. [BACK]

4. The next two sentences are reported speech. [BACK]

5. What follows would constitute clerical notes on the document that was issued to Pirbakhsh, but within the reference frame of the bahi constitutes part of the main text. [BACK]

district-level revenue office and magistracy (An office in Rajput states and other north Indian kingdoms but not the Mughals. Also called kachahri and, in British colonial usage, kutcherry)

dark half of the lunar month (when the moon is waning)

a descendant of a Muslim holy man, often an officiant or attendant at a Sufi shrine

honoured lord (used to refer to a ruler and to his court or establishment)

generically, a document

a register or book

generically, a document

register (particularly in the compound "daftar-khana," also refers to a record-keeping office and repository)

generically, a document

a Jain subcaste (members of this community were prominent officials in the Rajput kingdom of Marwar)

a scholar or learned person, usually a man of Brahman caste




Rajasthan State Archives, Bikaner, Jodhpur Sanad Parvana Bahi no. 20 f. 9b
Archival Collection: Jodhpur Bahi collection

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