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Bill of exchange drawn on Bakhtawarmal Rekhchand to pay funds from Jaipur to the camp of Daulat Rao Shinde

A bill of exchange (hundi) drawn by Mansaram Suratram on Bakhtawarmal Rekhchand for the payment of 30,000 rupees from the kingdom of Jaipur to the military camp of the Maratha ruler Daulat Rao Shinde .1

Functional document type: Private Deeds

Formal document type: Hundi

Themes: Money, Trade, War

Samvat-chaitradi calendar: 13 Chaitra sudi 1867
Gregorian calendar: 17 April 1810

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invocation (top centre): Rajasthani

श्री राम जी

Shri Ram Ji

authorisation (top right margin): Rajasthani

दा सावलदास का होड़ी सी-
कार दाम दीजो

Signature of Sanwaldas, hundi to be paid

main text: Rajasthani

1सिध श्री लसकर श्रीमंत दौलतराव जी का
2सुभसुथानेक सरव वोपमां पत्री भाइ बख्ता-
3वरमल रेखचंद
जोग सवाइी जैपुर सुं मनसा-
4राम सूरतराम
केन जै गोपाल वंचीजो अप-
5रंची हंडी १ तुमारै ऊपर करी रु ३००००) अंकङे तीस
6हजार नीमङ़े पंदरा हजार का दुणा अठै राखा
7समसथान सवाइी जैपुर की सीरकार का
8मुदत हंडी पहुंचा दीन २५ अंक पचीस पाछे सा-
9ह जोग हंडी की चलण का ठाव देख चोकस कर
10दाम दीजो मीती चत सुद १३ तरस सं १८६७ सड़सठ

1Success to the army camp of Shrimant Daulat Rao Ji,
2pleasant and prosperous place, the abode of merit! Therein to Bhai Bakhta-
3warmal Rekhchand
written from Sawai Jaipur by Mansa-
4ram Suratram
whose greetings2 you be pleased to accept. Further,
5a hundi is drawn upon you: for Rupees 30,000 , in words thirty-
6thousand, twice of rupees fifteen thousand, on behalf of
7the place, the sarkar3 of Sawai Jaipur ,
8a fixed-term hundi4 [of the period] 25 days, in words twenty-five, after [which] date,
9you will please pay the amount thereof in the current coin to the presenter after ascertaining his respectability, title, and address.
10Date Chaitra Sudi 13 thirteen, Vikram Samvat 1867 sixty-seven .

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clerical notes (top right margin): Rajasthani

1हुंडी सही राव श्री
2बापु जी निमालकर का ज्म
3जठ वूद ३

1An authentic hundi, Rao Shri
2Bapuji Nimbalkar received,
3Jyeshth Badi 3

clerical notes (middle): Marathi

सदर हु हुंडी चे रूपये बापुजी निंबलकर भरून पावलो हे सही

I, Bapuji Nimbalkar, received payment of the rupees of the aforementioned hundi, so declared.

clerical notes (middle): Rajasthani

अंकङे तीस हजार न्मन्मङ साढ़ा सात हजार का चौगणा

In words, thirty thousand, four times of seven and half thousand6

later addition (bottom left): Rajasthani

۲۸/۹۴۸ ९४७

28/947 9477

clerical notes (bottom): Rajasthani

पत्री भाइी बखतावरमल रेखचंद जोग

The letter,8 Bhai Bakhtawarmal Rekhchand


1. Images of the document are published in Bahura and Singh, and free to view in an article by Mohammad Shahnawaz (Open Access), whose transcription and translation are reproduced here with permission. There are minor adjustments to the transcription style to match the style of this website. [BACK]

2. Literally: victory to Gopal. [BACK]

3. Here, the term sarkar refers to state or government. [BACK]

4. This type of hundi, known as a muddati hundi, could only be paid out after the stipulated time period had passed. [BACK]

5. This number is written inside a small box. [BACK]

6. This line is written on a diagonal slant. [BACK]

7. These are accession numbers, written in both Perso-Arabic and Devanagari scripts. [BACK]

8. The word 'patri', typically letter, may also denote a caste affiliation or official post here, such as patwari or record-keeper. It also occurs before Bakhtawarmal Rekhchand's name in the main text. [BACK]

a bill of exchange used to transfer money

lord, the illustrious

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

a term of respect (literally, brother)

a Hindu deity

a bill of exchange used to transfer money

territorial division, larger than district; generic term for a sovereign or government (Mughal term)

a bill of exchange used to transfer money

a bill of exchange used to transfer money

a bill of exchange used to transfer money

a bill of exchange used to transfer money

a term of respect (literally, brother)


Debtor: Mansaram Suratram
Creditor: Bakhtawarmal Rekhchand




Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, Kapad Dwara documents, no. 947
Archival Collection: Kapad Dwara Documents

Transcribed from printed source: Catalogue of Historical Documents in Kapad Dwara, plate 100–101.

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