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Order of a Mughal official to Purshottam Das excusing the payment of tribute

Purshottam Das is confirmed in the office of landlord (chaudhri) as the heir of Chandar Bhan and excused for the payment of four thousand rupees as tribute (pishkash).

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Inheritance, Money, Petitioning, Taxation and Tribute

Julus calendar: 1 Rabiʿ al-sani 28
Hijri-qamri calendar: 1 Rabiʿ al-sani 1065
Gregorian calendar: 9 February 1655

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

الله اکبر

God is great

main text: Persian

1متصدیان مهمات و معاملات پرگنه دهار را انهاء آنکه چون مطیع الاسلام
2پرشوتم داس در باب فرزندان چندربهان وجه پیشکش و حواله داشتن از حضور مبلغ چهار هزار روپیه
3 بدرگاه والاجاه بخدمت متصدیان حضور عرضه داشت نموده بود این مقدمات را وزارت و اقبال پناه
4وکالت و اجلال و دستگاه مدارالمهامی دیانتخان بعرض باریافتهای مجلس قدس مشاکل رسانید
5حسب الامر جلیل القدر مقرر شد که از نوشته متصدیان جاگیر صوبه مالوه ظاهر شد که اگر چهار هزار روپیه
6بر پیشکش گرفته شود باعث جلاء وطن فرزندان چندربهان میگردد و زر بوصول نمیرسد پروانه باسم چودری
7پرسوتمداس صادر گردد که مبلغ چهارهزار روپیه را معاف داشتم تلافی و تدارک این احسان
8باید که در حاصل آمده شود و از قرار واقع دولتخواهی شما ظاهر گردد که در عوض خدمت چودهرایی1
9مرحمت میشود بموجب پروانه عملنموده شده باید که
10[جستن] سعی خدمت خود را پرسوتمداس بنوعی که
11در پروانه حضور قید است بعمل آورد که ظاهر گردد خدمت
12را بموجب ایشان عالیشان سعی نموده گرفته خواهد شد و در خدمت خود
13ساعی و سرگرم باشد و آزادی امیدواری تمام در زراعت و آبادانی بکوشد
14درینباب نهایت تاکید دانسته زیاده از این مبالغه نطلبند
15تحریر فتاریخ غره شهر ربیع الثانی سنه ۲۸ جلوس فقط فقط

1To the officials of the affairs and business of pargana Dhar it is declared that since the Obedient to Islam
2 Purshottam Das had petitioned2 the officials of the exalted court
3on behalf of the sons3 of Chandar Bhan [regarding] the obligation of pishkash and the transfer of the sum of 4000 rupees, this matter was referred by the Refuge of Ministry and Glory
4and Representation Dianat Khan to the members of the heavenly assembly [officers of the exalted court].
5It was ordered that from the writing of the officers of the jagir of suba Malwa, it has become clear that if four thousand rupees
6were to be seized as pishkash, this will cause the exile of the children of Chandar Bhan and the money will not be collected. [Thus] the parvana is issued in the name of chaudhri
7 Purshottam Das that I excuse the sum of four thousand rupees. For this kindness,
8all collections should be made and your loyalty should become obvious since in exchange the office of chaudhri.
9should be granted [to you]. Work should be done according to the parvana.
10It is necessary that Purshottam Das makes efforts of service according to the
11[details] of the parvana of the Lord so that it becomes obvious that the service
12is according to the order and the best effort is made. Be engaged in your
13own service, and make all efforts in the cultivation and population [of the area].
14Know this matter to be settled. More effort than this is not called for.
15Written on the first of Rabiʿ al-sani in the year 28 of the reign. Nothing further. Nothing further.

authorisation (right margin): Persian

مراد بخش سنه ۱۰۶۵

[Round black ink seal] Murad Bakhsh 1065

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clerical notes (right margin): Persian

بتاریخ ۲ شهر ربیع الثانی سنه ۲۸
نقل بدفتر رسید فقط [د]

On the 2nd of the month of Rabiʿ al-sani in the year 28,
the copy reached the office. Nothing further.4


1. From here, the main text continues into the margin. [BACK]

2. The phrase used is 'ʿarzdasht numuda'. [BACK]

3. Purshottam Das was not Chandar Bhan's son, but his nephew. The term used, farzandan, is sometimes broadly construed and may have included Purshottam Das. [BACK]

4. The precise meaning of the letter underneath the note is not clear. [BACK]


petition (used for any formal address from an inferior to a superior)


rights to collect taxes from a certain area as payment for imperial services and associated expenses

province (Mughal term)



landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)




Grantor: Murad Bakhsh
Grantee: Purshottam Das
Supplicant: Purshottam Das




Choudhary Family Collection, Bada Raola Dhar, no shelfmark
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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