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Order to officials of district Dhar settling tribute payable on villages granted to the landlord Purshottam Das

In accordance with the prince's order (nishan) and orders (parvana) of the officers, the tribute (pishkash) for the villages granted to the landlord (chaudhri) Purshottam Das is settled at 300 rupees.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Administration, Money, Taxation and Tribute

Julus calendar: 29 Shawwal 30
Hijri-qamri calendar: 29 Shawwal 1066
Gregorian calendar: 18 December 1656

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

اللهُ اکبر

God is great

authorisation (right margin): Persian


[Round black ink seal] [year] 29

main text: Persian

1متصدیان مهمات حال و استقبال پرگنه دهار را اعلام آنکه چون
2 بموجب نشان عالیشان و پروانه متصدیان حضور چودهرای پرگنه مذکور بزبده الاقران پرسوتم داس
3مستفیض گشته می باید که بر دهات انعامی پیشکش مقرری سیصد روپیه موافق حکم
4نشان عالیشان و پروانه دیوان حضور است بعمل آورند و زیاده از [مراحم|مزاحم] سیصد روپیه
5نشوند که بفراغ خاطر در خدمت مرجوعه خود و آبادانی پرگنه و دولتخواهی
6و خدمتکاری کوشیده دقیقه قوت و فروگذاشت ننماید تحریر فی تاریخ
7 شهر شوال سنه ٣۰ جلوس مبارک فقط فقط فقط

1The current and future officials of pargana Dhar are instructed that since
2by dint of the exalted nishan and parvana of the officers of the Lord, the Eminent among Contemporaries Purshottam Das has been blessed with the chaudhrai of the said pargana,
3it is necessary that the settled pishkash on the inʿami villages be 300 rupees according to the orders of
4the exalted nishan and the parvana of the diwan of the Lord. Be it [so] executed, and more shall not be [favoured|troubled] [than] from 300 rupees
5so that with a free mind he can apply himself to the work he is appointed, [specifically] to the populating of the pargana and to loyalty
6and to carrying out his service, and [he] should not waste a single minute’s strength. Written on the date
7in the month of Shawwal in the 30th year of the blessed reign. Nothing further. Nothing further. Nothing further.

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clerical notes (right margin): Persian

بتاریخ ۲۹ شهر شوال سنه ٣۰ نقل بدفتر رسید

On the 29th of the month of Shawwal of the year 30, the copy reached the office.1


1. The precise meaning of the single letter under this note is unclear. [BACK]


princely order


office of chaudhri or landlord



referring to tax-exempt village lands or revenues (derived from inʿam)

princely order


Head of imperial or provincial revenue department, or manager of finances in a noble's household



Grantee: Purshottam Das




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS MS 235 k
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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