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Order of Nawazish Khan to Purshottam Das and Paras Ram to collect taxes and populate the area

In response to an earlier petition (ʿarzdasht) about certain villages, Nawazish Khan in consultation with the judge (qazi) orders that the landlord (chaudhri) Purshottam Das and the record-keeper (qanungo) Paras Ram of the district (pargana) Dhar concentrate on collecting taxes and populating the area.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Petitioning, Taxation and Tribute

Hijri-qamri calendar: 30 Rajab 1069
Gregorian calendar: 23 April 1659

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

الله اکبر

God is great

authorisation: Persian

نوازش خان مُرید حضرت شاه جهان

[Round black ink seal] Nawazish Khan, disciple of Lord Shah Jahan

main text: Persian

1زبده الاقران پرسوتم داس چودهری و پرسرام قانونگوی پرگنه دهار
2بعنایت امیدوار بوده بدانند عرضه داشتی که درینولا
3ارسال داشته بودند بنظر در آمد و آنچه در باب دهات
4نانکار خود معروض داشته بودند قبل ازین به شرافت پناه قاضی جیو
5در حضور گفته شده در اینولا که ایشان در انجا میرسند آنچه
6مقرر خواهند نمود منظور است باید که خاطر خود را
7بهمه جهت جمع داشته در مالگذاری و آبادان کاری خود را
8معاف و مقصر ندارند دراین باب تاکید
9دانند تحریر فی التاریخ ۳۰ ماه رجب سنه ۱۰۶۹ فقط فقط

1Eminent among Contemporaries Purshottam Das chaudhri and Paras Ram qanungo of pargana Dhar,
2having hoped for kindness, know that the ʿarzdasht that had been
3sent has come to [Nawazish Khan's] attention. And whatever was represented about their nankar
4villages previously had been said to the Refuge of Nobility Qazi Jiu
5in the presence of the Lord. Now that he [Qazi Jiu] has reached there, whatever
6he shall decide is approved. It is necessary that [Purshottam Das and Paras Ram] settle their minds
7in every way and do not consider themselves excused or remiss in the collection of taxes and the work of populating [the area].
8Know it to be confirmed in this matter.
9Written on the 30th of the month of Rajab in the year 1069. Nothing further. Nothing further.

invocation (right margin): Arabic


He [God] is

authorisation (right margin): Persian

1حسب المسطور مقرر دانسته بخاطر
2جمع در خدمت مقید باشند بموجب قرار داد
3و تحریر قاضی جیو منظور است فقط فقط

1Knowing it to be appointed as written, [they should] be
2engaged in service by settling [their] minds.
3The writing and contract of Qazi Jiu is approved. Nothing further. Nothing further.

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later addition (top left): Persian

نمبر ۵

Number 5

clerical notes (top right): Persian

پروانه نوازش خان دیهات نانکار

Parvana of Nawazish Khan on the villages of nankar.

clerical notes (right margin): Persian

بتاریخ ۳۰ رجب سنه ۱۰۶۹ بدفتر دیوان رسید

Reached the office of the diwan on 30 Rajab in the year 1069.

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

record-keeper (similar to deshpande)


petition (used for any formal address from an inferior to a superior)

tax-free land held by the chaudhri

Islamic judge

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

Islamic judge

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

Islamic judge

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect


tax-free land held by the chaudhri

Head of imperial or provincial revenue department, or manager of finances in a noble's household


Issuer: Nawazish Khan
Recipient: Purshottam Das
Recipient: Paras Ram




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS e
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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