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Order of Nawazish Khan to Purshottam Das and Paras Ram to increase population and agriculture

Nawazish Khan instructs the landlord (chaudhri) Purshottam Das and the record-keeper (qanungo) Paras Ram of district (pargana) Dhar to ensure the continued settlement of people and agricultural lands such that there is an increase of 20-30 percent.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Agriculture

Hijri-qamri calendar: 8 Ramzan 1069
Gregorian calendar: 30 May 1659

[Page 1r]

invocation (top centre): Arabic

الله اکبر

God is great

authorisation (right margin): Persian

نوازش خان مُرید حضرت شاه جهان

[Round black ink seal] Nawazish Khan, disciple of Lord Shah Jahan

main text: Persian

1زبده الاقران پرسوتم چودهری و پرسرام قانونگوی پرگنه دهار بعنایت
2امیدوار گشته بدانند وقت تردد آبادانی و کشتکار زراعت
3همین است باید که درین باب چنان سعی نمایند که از گذشته
4ده بیست ده سی ٣٠ تردد آبادانی و کشتکار زراعت بظهور آید
5و اگر درینمادة کوتاهی و تغافلی خواهد کرد باز خواست این مقدمه
6بعهده آنهاست درین باب نهایت تاکید دانسته از
7فرموده تخلف نورزند تحریر فی التاریخ ٨ ماه رمضان سنه ۱۰۶۹ فقط فقط

1Eminent among Contemporaries Purshottam [Das] chaudhri and Paras Ram qanungo of pargana Dhar,
2having hoped for kindness, know that this is the time to make efforts for the populating and cultivating [of the area] and the husbanding of agriculture.
3It is necessary that [Purshottam Das and Paras Ram] make such efforts that compared to the past,
4an increase of twenty-fold or thirty-fold 30 in the population and agriculture shall become evident.
5And if in this matter there is deficiency or negligence, an investigation of this case
6is their obligation. Knowing this matter to be an instruction,
7do not violate what has been ordered. Written on the 8th of the month of Ramzan in the year 1069. Nothing further. Nothing further.

invocation (right margin): Arabic


He [God] is

authorisation (right margin): Persian

1المسطور حسب مقرر شناسند
2بموجب فرموده عمل نماید و در کشت و کار
3و افزونی زراعت سعی موفوره بحال آورد و
4بهبود خود درین داند فقط فقط

1[Purshottam Das and Paras Ram] should understand this to be confirmed as written.
2Execute as ordered. Make serious efforts in the tilling [of the land]
3and in improving agriculture.
4It is known that their own welfare is in this. Nothing further. Nothing further.

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later addition (top centre): Persian

[نمبر] ۶

[number] 6

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

record-keeper (similar to deshpande)



Issuer: Nawazish Khan
Recipient: Purshottam Das
Recipient: Paras Ram




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS g
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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