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Order of Nawazish Khan to Purshottam Das granting a house

Nawazish Khan grants a house to Purshottam Das in exchange for 150 rupees of tribute (pishkash). The order specifies that the materials of the house – wood, tiles, etc. – are to be sent by Purshottam Das to an unnamed lord.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Building and Construction, Money, Natural Resources, Property, Taxation and Tribute

Hijri-qamri calendar: 6 Muharram 1071
Gregorian calendar: 11 September 1660

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

الله اکبر

God is great

authorisation (right margin): Persian

نوازش خان مرید حضرت محمد اورنگزیب عالم گیر بادشاه غازی ۱۰۷۰

[Round black ink seal] Nawazish Khan disciple of Lord Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir Badshah Ghazi 1070

main text: Persian

1شرافت پناه فضیلت دستگاه ملاذی قاضی جیو بعافیت باشند
2بعد هذا مخفی نماند در حویلی که محمد هاشم شقدار می باشد به پرسوتم چودری
3پرگنه دهار بخشیدیم باید که بمجرد وصول پروانه چوب و کهپریل
4حویلی مسطور آنچه باشد روانه حضور نمایند و زمین را به چودری مذکور
5حواله نموده یکصد پنجاه روپیه از بابت پیشکش آن گرفته بمصحوب حبیب الله بیگ
6ارسال دارند درین باب نهایت تاکید دانند زیاده چه نوشته
7شود تحریر فی التاریخ ۶ محرم سنه ۱۰۷۱ فقط

1The Refuge of Virtue and Protector of Wisdom, the Spiritual Qazi Jiu, may he be safe!
2After this, let it not remain hidden that I granted the house which belonged to Muhammad Hashim shiqdar
3to Purshottam Das chaudhri of pargana Dhar. It is necessary that as soon as the parvana is received, he should send any wood and tiles
4of the said house to the Lord. And the land
5having been entrusted to the said chaudhri, 150 rupees should be taken as pishkash for this and sent in the company of Habibullah Beg.
6This matter should be known as totally settled. What more should be written?
7Written on the date of 6 Muharram, year 1071. Nothing further.

invocation (right margin): Arabic


He [God] is

authorisation (right margin): Persian

2حسب المسطور مقرر دانند دو صد روپیه
3قیمت زمین از او بگیرند دیوارها
4چوب وغیره تخته [دیانت] بحضور روانه نمایند
5درین باب تاکید تمام تمام دانند فقط فقط

1[Being diligent,]
2know it settled as written. Take 200 rupees
3as the price of the land from him. Have the walls
4wood etc. – planks and reeds – sent to the Lord.
5Know it totally settled in this matter. Nothing further. Nothing further.1


1. At the top of the page two clerical notes appear faintly on the verso. One appears to be in Persian and the other in Hindi. However, an image of the verso is not available. [BACK]

emperor (alternately, padshah)

religious warrior; an honorific

Islamic judge

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

revenue officer

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)



landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)



Grantor: Nawazish Khan
Grantee: Purshottam Das




Choudhary Family Collection, Bada Raola Dhar, no shelfmark
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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