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Order of Nawazish Khan to Purshottam Das and Paras Ram to cooperate with a despatched clerk

In response to a petition (ʿarzdasht), Nawazish Khan commands the landlord (chaudhri) Purshottam Das and the record-keeper (qanungo) Paras Ram to ensure the cultivation of agricultural lands and to cooperate with a clerk (mirza) who will be despatched. He also notes that the reason behind their petition was not clear, as it did not contain pertinent details.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Disputes, Petitioning, Taxation and Tribute

Hijri-qamri calendar: 16 Zi al-Hijjah 1070
Gregorian calendar: 23 August 1660

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

الله اکبر

God is great

authorisation (right margin): Persian

نوازش خان مرید حضرت محمداورنگزیب عالمگیر بادشاه غازی ۱۰۷۰

[Black ink seal] Nawazish Khan, disciple of Muhammad Aurangzeb Alamgir Badshah Ghazi 1070

main text: Persian

1زبده الاقران پرسوتم چودهری و پرسرام قانونگوی پرگنه دهار بعنایت و مهربانی امیدوار بوده بدانند
2عرضه داشتی که درینولا ارسالداشته بودند رسید حقیقت مفهوم گردید قبل ازین پروانه
3صادر شده و درین ولا بر قلمی می گردد که خاطر خود بهمه جهت جمعداشته در تردد
4آبادانی و کشتکار زراعت مقید باشند و تسلی و دلاسا رعایا نمایند انشا الله العزیز
5در فصل مرزای مرزا اسد الله یا رای نرسنگه داس یا امین که ازو راضی خواهند بود
6فرستاده خواهد شد و در خور حالت جمع پرگنه دهار مشخص خواهد شد باید که مکرر
7درین باب تصدیع ندهد و بی دغدغه در تردد آبادانی و کشتکار زراعت
8و دولتخواهی و کفایت سرکار خود را معاف ندارند مکرر که اینقسم عرضه داشت می نمایند
9سبب معلوم نمیشود و هیچ مشروحاً هم نمی نویسند اینمعنی خوب نیست باید که بموجبی که نوشته شد
10عمل نمایند و از فرموده تخلف نورزند تحریر فی التاریخ ۱۶ ذی حجه سنه ۱۰۷۰

1Eminent among Contemporaries Purshottam [Das] chaudhri and Paras Ram qanungo of pargana Dhar, having hoped for favour and kindness, know that
2the ʿarzdasht that was recently sent has reached [and] the true situation was understood. Before this, a parvana
3was issued. Now it is written that settling their minds in every way, [Purshottam Das and Paras Ram] should be engaged in efforts for
4the habitation and cultivation of agriculture and [giving] assurance to the peasants. God willing,
5during the harvest period, a mirza of Mirza Asadullah or Rai Narsingh Das or an amin with whom they are satisfied
6will be sent. According to the state of the revenues of pargana Dhar, it will be ascertained. It is necessary that
7in this matter, do not create a dispute again and leaving aside [any] confusion, in the organization of the cultivation and habitation and agriculture
8and [with] loyalty and advantage to the government, they should not take themselves to be excused. It is repeated that [regarding] this type of ʿarzdasht that has been written,
9the reason is not understood. No details were written. This is not good. It is necessary that as it is written,
10[so] it should be executed, and no opposition should be made to what is ordered. Written on the 16th of Zi al-hijjah in the year 1070.

invocation (right margin): Arabic


He [God] is

authorisation (right margin): Persian

1حسب المسطور مقرر شناسند در باب موضع
2بجور پروانه بنام هاشم خان صادر شده است
3باید که خودها همراه او رفته مشخص نمایند که من بعد
4این خرخشه ‌در میان نیاید تاکید تمام دانند

1Knowing it settled as written in the matter of the village
2Bijur, a parvana in the name of Hashim Khan has been issued.
3It is necessary to go with him and represent the details so that after this,
4this unnecessary dispute should not come in between [appear] again. Know it to be settled completely.

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later addition: Persian

نمبر ۱۱

Number 11

emperor (alternately, padshah)

religious warrior; an honorific

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

record-keeper (similar to deshpande)


petition (used for any formal address from an inferior to a superior)


title for a prince; gentleman (occasionally, a scholar, writer)

revenue official


petition (used for any formal address from an inferior to a superior)



Issuer: Nawazish Khan
Recipient: Purshottam Das
Recipient: Paras Ram




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS y
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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