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Order of Nawazish Khan to Purshottam Das regarding revenue collection and and a summons

Nawazish Khan orders Purshottam Das to come to court along with mounted and foot soldiers and to have his son collect the revenue of the district (pargana).

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Administration, Petitioning, Taxation and Tribute, War

Hijri-qamri calendar: 13 Shawwal 1074
Gregorian calendar: 9 May 1664

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

الله اکبر

God is great

authorisation (right margin): Persian

نوازش خان [اخلاص] اورنگزیب بادشاه غازی

[Round black ink seal] Nawazish Khan [sincere disciple] of Aurangzeb Badshah Ghazi

main text: Persian

1زبدۃ الاقران چودری پرسوتم بعنایت و مھربانی امیدوار بودہ بداند عرضہ داشتی
2کہ درین ولا ارسال داشتہ بود بنظر در آمد باید کہ پسر خود را بتحصیل مقید و سرگرم ساختہ
3با جمعیت سوار و پیادہ بحضور بیاید اگر در تحصیل سستی بوقوع خواھد آمد
4نتیجہ نیک نخواھد یافت و عذر او مسموع نگشتہ وجہ بقایا ازو باز یافت
5خواھد گردید درین باب تاکید دانستہ در آمدن خود اھمل
6ننماید تحریرا في التاریخ دوازدہ و یکم
7شھر شوال سنہ ۱۰٧۴ ھجری مطابق سنہ ۷ حکومت والا فقط

1Eminent among Contemporaries chaudhri Purshottam [Das], having hoped for kindness and grace, know that the ʿarz-dasht
2that recently had been sent has come to [our] attention. It is necessary that having appointed and engaged [your] own son in the collection of revenues
3he [i.e. Purshottam Das] comes to the Lord with [his] company of horsemen and foot soldiers. If there occurs any laziness in the collection [of revenues],
4the results will not be good. His excuses will not be heard, and deductions for the arrears will be taken from him.
5Knowing this matter to be confirmed, do not neglect to come.
6Written on the 12 and 1st [i.e. the 13th]
7of the month of Shawwal of the year 1074 Hijri corresponding to year 7 of the exalted reign.1 Nothing further.

invocation (bottom right margin): Arabic


He [God] is

authorisation (right margin): Persian

1حسب المسطور مقرر دانستہ
2بموجب فرمودہ عمل نماید بزودی زود
3 خود را بحضور رساند مجری خود داند فقط

1Knowing it to be confirmed as written,
2he should do as ordered. As soon as possible,
3he should deliver himself to the Lord. He himself knows what is to be done. Nothing further.

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clerical notes (top right): Persian

1پروانہ بندگان نواب مستطاب
2کہ بھمل پسر خود را برای
3تاکید تحصیل پرگنہ
4گزاشتہ خود بمھم حسب [لوای]
5با جماعه خود بیاید

1The parvana of the servants of the Eminent Nawab:
2that having burdened his own son with2
3the collection of taxes of the pargana3
4with importance [according to the banner],
5he should come with his company [of soldiers].

later addition (top centre): Persian

نمبر ۵٨

Number 57


1. 13 Shawwal 1074 occurred in the last month of Regnal Year 6, not Regnal Year 7 as written in the document. The date has been converted to Gregorian using the Hijri year given in the document. [BACK]

2. In other words, having made his son responsible for the tax collection. [BACK]

3. The pargana in question is likely Dhar although it is unnamed in the document. [BACK]

emperor (alternately, padshah)

religious warrior; an honorific

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

petition (used for any formal address from an inferior to a superior)


title of a high-ranking noble or governor



Recipient: Purshottam Das
Issuer: Nawazish Khan




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS d1
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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