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Order of Bulaqi Chand to the officials of Hindola regarding the tenancy of the district

Bulaqi Chand orders the officials (chaudhris) and record-keepers (qanungos) of district (pargana) Hindola to inform him whether the tenancy agreement of the district should be renewed or resumed by the state. He also orders them to make sure the arrears of the tenancy are paid and to send various revenue records and documents.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Administration, Money, Records, Taxation and Tribute

Fasli calendar: 1073
Hijri-qamri calendar: 1075
Gregorian calendar: 1664

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invocation (top centre): Persian



main text: Persian

1چودریان و قانوگویان پرگنه هندوله را معلوم نموده باشد که انها مچلکه
2رضامندی اجاره پرگنه مذکور بحال داشتن به اجاره دار سابق که بخدمت بندگان
3وزارت و اقبال پناه حسمت و شوکت دستگاه میرزا صاحب توشته ارسالداشته
4بود بنظر مبارک ایشان کذشته چنانچه مچلکه ها به اینجانب سپرده دارنده را به پیش
5انها فرستاده اگر در اجاره داشتن اجاره دار پیشین کفایت سرکار و رفاهت
6رعایا بوده بحضور ملازمان التفات پناه لعله موهن لال جیو اضافه قرار کرده گماشته اجاره دار
7و یک کس قانوگو همراه شده پیش ما بیایند و اگر در خالصه شریفه داشتن یا به کس دیگر اجاره
8دادن برامد کار دانند چنان نویسند و اگر بخاطر شما برسد که ما انجا بیایم صلاح در انست
9البته خواهند نوشت و حقیقت سلوک خوبی او صاف چمیده انها شنیده البته انچنان
10برای پرداخت پرگنه هندوله مقید و بجد شوند که موجب مجرا نیکو خدمت بخدمت و زارت پناه
11شده امیدوار نتایج نیک شوند و مبلغ یکهزار و یکصد روپیه نزد اجاره دار باقی سنه ۱۰۷۳ عملی
12دارد باو تاکید نمایند که زود وجه باقی را با کس خود بخزانه عامره دار الفتح اجین داخل کرده
13قبض الوصول حاصل کند والا مال بادشاهی نزد کسی باقی ماند کور شده درته [خرچ] آمده 1
14زر خواهد داد و موازنه ده ساله و مجمل سنه ۱۰۷۲
15 و دستور العمل و نقل طومار وغیره انچه لوازمه کاغذ
16بوده باشد نوشته با حقیقت پرداخت سال اینده حواله دارنده
17نمایند و نقل پروانه نواب مستطاب عمده الملکی وزارت پناه فرستاده
18ازو مضمون معلوم خواهد شد

1The chaudhris and qanungos of pargana Hindola should know that the news [about the] muchalka
2of the ijara of the said pargana being made in free will with the old ijaradars [which] they had sent to the servants
3of the Refuge of Ministry and Glory and Haven of Bravery and Courage Mirza Sahib
4has come to his blessed attention. Therefore, having deposited and held the muchalkas this way [with myself], they [the muchalkas]
5were sent to them. If the taking of ijara by old ijaradars is useful to the government and convenient
6for the subjects, the increase (appointment) should be declared to the Lord of Servants, Refuge of Mercy Lala Mohan Lal Jiu, (and) the gumashta of the ijaradar
7together with a qanungo should come before me. And if it becomes necessary to take [the district] into the noble khalisa or give the ijara
8to somebody else, write so, and if you are of the mind that we come there for resolution then
9certainly write that. And having heard the description of their good behaviour and graceful walking [i.e., toeing the line], of course they
10will be engaged and diligent with the amelioration of pargana Hindola such that it becomes a route for good service in the employment of the Refuge of Ministry
11and be hopeful of good results. One thousand one hundred rupees are left in arrears by the ijaradar [for the] 1073 ʿamali year.
12Insist that he quickly get that amount entered into the royal treasury at the City of Victory, Ujjain, by a person of his.
13And acquire the qabz al-wasul. Beware that there would be no imperial taxes outstanding with anyone
14The money should be given. And the muwazana dahsala, and the summary of the year 1072,
15and the dastur al-ʿamal, and the copy of tumar, etc., whatever necessary papers
16there might be, write it down, and deposit it in the
17coming year. And the copy of the parvana of the gracious Nawab, Eminence of the Realm, Refuge of Ministry has been sent
18[and you] will learn about its contents from it.

authorisation (right margin): Persian

چند ۱۰۷۵ بنده بادشاه عالم گیر

[Round black ink seal] chand 10752 , servant of Badshah Alamgir

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later addition (top right): Persian

1پروانه امارت پناه
2در باب مچلکه اجاره دار

4پروانه بولاقیچند

5 ۳۸

1Parvana of the Refuge of Power
2regarding the muchalka of the ijaradar,

4Parvana of Bulaqi Chand3



1. After this point the text continues on the right margin. [BACK]

2. Although the document is undated, the Hijri-qamri date in the seal and the fasli years given in the document suggest 1664 CE, or shortly thereafter, as the likely date of composition. [BACK]

3. This person has been taken to be the same as the Bulaqi Chand named in several other documents from the same collection in a similar period, but this is not certain. [BACK]

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

record-keeper (similar to deshpande)


a bond or agreement, esp. to perform some action for the government



a leaseholder of revenue rights or land

title for a prince; gentleman (occasionally, a scholar, writer)

lord or master (also a generic honourific conveying the respect and authority due to the addressee; sometimes spelled saheb)

a bond or agreement, esp. to perform some action for the government

a bond or agreement, esp. to perform some action for the government


a leaseholder of revenue rights or land

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect


a leaseholder of revenue rights or land

record-keeper (similar to deshpande)

in Mughal parlance, crown land that was directly managed by the central government (also khalsa in Rajasthani and Hindi usage)



a leaseholder of revenue rights or land

the revenue year, i.e. the fasli calendar (likely derived from ʿamil or revenue official)

receipt of deposit

tax records for a decade

record of revenue assessment

rent rolls


title of a high-ranking noble or governor

emperor (alternately, padshah)


a bond or agreement, esp. to perform some action for the government

a leaseholder of revenue rights or land



Issuer: Bulaqi Chand




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS e1
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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