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Order of Shamsuddin to Purshottam Das to stop causing disturbances in Hindola

An order of Shamsuddin to Purshottam Das to stop disturbing the conditions in district (pargana) Hindola. The order details the complaint of Suraj Bhan against Purshottam Das, who held the position of landlord (chaudri) of Hindola in partnership with him. Suraj Bhan alleged that Purshottam Das had failed to share the perquisites of the position and had desolated a village.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Administration, Disputes, Peasants, Petitioning

Julus calendar: 19 Muharram 7 julus
Hijri-qamri calendar: 19 Muharram 1075
Gregorian calendar: 12 August 1664

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invocation (top centre): Arabic


He [God] is

authorisation (right margin): Persian

[خان] مرید بادشاه عالمگیر

[round black ink seal] [Khan] disciple of Emperor Alamgir

main text: Persian

1چودهری پرسوتم بداند چون سورجبهان آمده مستغاثی شد که چودهرای پرگنه هندوله
2بشرکت او برافع تعلق دارد الحال او در دستور چودهرای دخل نمی دهد تمام و کمال از روی
3ستم و تعدی خود متصرف می شود و سوای این پنج دهه که از قدیم الایام در انعام مشاراله مقرر است
4از انجمله یک موضع باسم آنجنا رافع تردد نموده آبادان کرده بود شریک مسطور از راه عداوت
5رعیت آن دهه را ویران ساخته و تمام زراعت را ضاﺋﻊ نموده بنا برآن قلمی میگردد
6که بر تعدی وقوع اینمعنی خوب نکرده اگر [بتوجه] حساب ستم و تعدی بر حال مستغث روا داشته رافع را
7در دستور چودهرای دخل دهد و در آبادانی موضع آنجنا بهیچگونه خلل نکند و اگر سُخن حالی دارد
8بحضور آمده خاطر نشان نُماید معطل [و انمال] جایز ندارد تحریرفی تاریخ ۱۹ شهر محرم سنه هفت از جلوس والا

1Chaudhri Purshottam [Das] shall know that Suraj Bhan came [and] sought redress that the chaudhrai of Hindola
2was held by the plaintiff [Suraj Bhan] in partnership with him [Purshottam Das] [but] now he [Purshottam Das] does not allow [Suraj Bhan] access to the dastur of the chaudhrai. All of it,
3through oppression and force, has been possessed by himself, [Purshottam Das]. And, besides this, [there are] 5 villages which from a long time have been in the inʿam of the said person [Suraj Bhan].
4Of these, the plaintiff had cultivated one village by the name of Anjana. It was populated [by the plaintiff, Suraj Bhan]. From malice, the said co-parcener [Purshottam Das]
5has rendered the subjects of that village desolated and destroyed all the cultivation. On this basis, it is written
6that these kinds of incidents are not good. If, regarding the accounts, oppression and extortion of the condition of the plaintiff [Suraj Bhan] is allowed, he [Purshottam Das]
7shall give interference in the dastur of chaudhrai. And do not cause disturbance in the population of the village of Anjana in any way. If word of the situation
8comes to the Lord, settle it in your mind that desolation [and that revenue] are not permissible. Written on the 19th of the month of Muharram, Regnal Year 7.

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clerical notes (bottom right): Persian

به پروانگی بنده عقیدت آیّن شمس الدین فقط

By the order of the servant of the Rights of Faith Shamsuddin. Nothing further.

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

office of chaudhri or landlord

custom (also, a customary fee)

office of chaudhri or landlord

reward, grant of tax-free land

custom (also, a customary fee)

office of chaudhri or landlord


Issuer: Shamsuddin
Recipient: Purshottam Das
Supplicant: Suraj Bhan




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS m
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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