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Letter of Maha Singh to Nathmal expressing pleasure with Nathmal's deeds

Maharaja Maha Singh, a Rajput noble, expresses satisfaction with Nathmal, who has gained the lands of Hari Ram in Amjhera.

Functional document type: Letters

Formal document type: Khat

Themes: Administration, Taxation and Tribute

Samvat calendar: 2 Vaisakh Sudi 1723
Gregorian calendar: 26 April 1666

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invocation (top centre): Rajasthani

श्री गोपाल सत्यः

The honoured Gopal is true

authorisation (top centre): Rajasthani


[Figure: Black ink drawing of dagger [katar]]

main text: Rajasthani

1माहाराजधीराज माहाराजै श्री माहासींघजी आग्ये का-
2नुगो नथमल लीखतं राम राम वंच्या अपर अठा रा
3स्माचार श्री ___ जी री मया थी भला छौ थाहरा स्माचा-
4र लीखणा आग्ये थाहरो कागल आयो हकीकत मा-
5लम हूई आग्ये थे प्रा॰ अमझरा मां॰ हरीराम री हकी-
6कत लीखी थी सो थे तो भली करी थी और थासु दगा-
7बाजी करी तो परेस्यानी [पौचसी] बतन थानु गोपा-
8लजी दीनी छौ खातीर जमा राखणी म्हारौ थासु जु-
9दागी न छौ कदीम ईखलास छौ अठौ थारो दर-
10बार ठोड छौ आग्ये ठा परसोतम दास ऊजेण
11श्री ___ नौवा बजया सौ गया छौ थे स्याणा छो
12भलो काम करणो म्हे थासु राजी छा घणो कासु
13लीखा बलता कागल स्माचार लीखणा बौसाख1
14सुदी २ रोज ब्रस्पतवार संवत १७२३

1Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Shri Maha Singh Ji ordered:
2to qanungo Nathmal Ram Ram2 is written. And that
3the news here is fine by the glory of Shri ___ Ji.3 Write your
4news. Earlier, your letter arrived [and] the facts were made
5known [to me]. Then, you had written about Hariram4 in pargana Amjhera, [and]
6you had done well. If [anyone] deceives you,
7there will be trouble. The watan [lands] have been given to you by
8Gopal Ji. Stay content. I am not apart from you.
9You are an old servant. You have a place here
10in the court. Then, Thakur Purshottam Das
11[was summoned by Shri ___ on the 9th] to Ujjain so he has gone. You are [intelligent].
12Do good work. I am pleased with you. [I have] written enough
13in this way. Return [and] write news. Vaisakh
14sudi 2, day [of] Thursday, Samvat 1723.5

authorisation (left margin): Rajasthani

1अप्र म्हे बोहोत राजी हुवा छा अमजरो थाहार हाथ ल
2गो छ श्री गोपाल जी महरवान हुवा जे थाहार बतन हुइ हब म्हे जा
3[छाजे|छा जे] म्हार घरे छ हरीराम हरामखोर भला फरद रा पेसा पण ह
4थे हाथ राखणी ज्यु जाणे त्यु हाथ करणो गोपालजी करसी तो म्हे घणे
5पर करस्या घणी अवादानी करस्या म्हारो चाह्यो थो सो हुवो छ सो

1That: I have become very satisfied. Amjhera is [in] your hands 6
2Shri Gopal Ji was merciful so [it] became your watan. [Quickly|] I
3[shall want|is . If] is my [greatness]. That wretch Hariram [whether] the profit receipt of the money also
4You keep hold of [it]. In the way it shall be produced, it shall be possessed. Gopal Ji will do so I
5will do enough. It will be made well populated. I had wanted [it] so [it] has happened


1. This appears to be a misspelling of बैसाख. [BACK]

2. This is a greeting. [BACK]

3. Gopal Ji and/or the king. [BACK]

4. The meaning of the abbreviated title 'ma.' given to Hariram is not clear. It may refer to his occupation or ethnic identity. [BACK]

5. This date was converted to Gregorian per the standard Samvat calendar beginning with the month Chaitr. In this interpretation, the day of the week accords with date. [BACK]

6. The end of each line in the margin is missing. Because the Rajasthani text is written without gaps between words and with words that run across linebreaks, this creates uncertainty in the readings. [BACK]

a Hindu deity

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

record-keeper (similar to deshpande)

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

a Hindu deity


homeland, held as special non-transferable revenue assignment (Mughal fiscal-administrative term)

a Hindu deity

an honorific title, often referring to a Rajput landlord or chief (also used to honour Hindu deities in Rajasthan)

light half of the lunar month (when the moon is waxing)

a Hindu deity

homeland, held as special non-transferable revenue assignment (Mughal fiscal-administrative term)

a Hindu deity


Issuer: Maharaja Maha Singh
Recipient: Nathmal
Debtor: Hariram




Choudhary Family Collection, Bada Raola Dhar, no shelfmark
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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