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Order to Pandit Gangadharji, land-holder of Dhar, confirming receipt of taxes for three villages

Rajashri Pandit Gangadharji, tax-proceeds holder (mokasadar) of Dhar, confirms that the assessed taxes for 3 villages for the autumn and spring harvest of Fasli year 1150 have been received in accordance with the official assessment and the contract with headman (muqaddam) Babu Khan, son of Fazil Khan.

Functional document type: Administrative Records

Formal document type: Farigh Khatti


Fasli calendar: 1150
Gregorian calendar: 1740

[Page 1r]

invocation (top centre): Persian



authorisation (top centre): Hindi

[Square black ink seal with a 5-line illegible inscription]

main text: Hindi

1राज श्री पंडत गंगाधरजी बै॰ सदासीवजी मु-
2कासदार प्र॰ धार आगे जमा बमुजब तसखीस
3राजश्री राव साहबजी श्री यासवंतराव पुवार बमुजब
4कबुलीयत मु॰ मी॰ बाबु खा बै॰ फाजलखा मौ॰
5रतनागावा वगर बा॰1 फ॰ खरीफ रबी स॰ ११५० फ॰
6का सब दामदाम भर पाया फारखती लीख दीवी
7खातीर जमा सु साल आयंदा कीतरु दत कमा-
8या करणा
9मौ॰ रतनागरो मौ॰ खानुपुर मौ॰ [अकबपुर]
10छ ९ सन माहे साबान

1Rajashri Pandit Gangadharji son of Sadashivji mokasadar
2of pargana Dhar, is ordered as follows: the assessed taxes have been received, in accordance with the [official] assessment
3of Rajashri Rao Sahibji, Yashwant Rao Puwar,2 [and] according to the
4qabuliyat of muqaddam Mirza Babu Khan, son of Fazil Khan of
5Village Ratnagaon,3 etc., for the harvests of Kharif and Rabiʿ for the year 1150 Fasli
6every coin is received. A pharkhati has been written.4
7From contentment, how much tribute5
8shall be earned in the coming year.
9Village Ratnagaro Village Khanpur Village [Akabpur]
10On the 9th of Shaʿban6

authorisation (bottom centre): Hindi

मोरतब [सुद]

[Square black ink seal] [It was prepared.]


1. This word is written as if it is an abbreviation, but the reading of its full form is not clear. [BACK]

2. For respect, this name is written in the top right corner of the document. [BACK]

3. Although spelled differently, this is likely the same place as village Ratnagaro mentioned below. [BACK]

4. It is not entirely clear whether this document is the said pharkhati, or is about it. [BACK]

5. An alternate reading of दत is gift or endowment. [BACK]

6. This last line is written in Modi script. The writer appears to have written the word for "year" by mistake and then crossed it out. [BACK]

an honorific of royal dignity routinely applied in Marathi documents to any person deserving of courtesy and respect (occasionally used in Rajasthani documents)

revenue assignee (similar to jagirdar; derives from Bijapur administrative practice carried over into the Maratha empire)


an honorific of royal dignity routinely applied in Marathi documents to any person deserving of courtesy and respect (occasionally used in Rajasthani documents)

written agreement, contract

village headman



Mughal solar calendar, established by Emperor Akbar

no-claims deed

no-claims deed


Recipient: Pandit Gangadhar son of Sadashiv




Choudhary Family Collection, Bada Raola Dhar, none
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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