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Entry in the supplemental account book of Moti Chand Ankur regarding lines and seals

Entry in the supplemental account book of Moti Chand Ankur regarding the drawing of lines and application of seals on the pages of the account book.

Functional document type: Administrative Records

Formal document type: Bahi

Themes: Records

Fasli calendar: 1285
Gregorian calendar: 2 June 1878

[Page 1r]

invocation (right margin): Marathi

श्री [परसाद] मोर्तब सुद

[Square black ink seal] [Blessing [of]] God. Verified.

main text: Marathi

1पुरवणी कीर्द वही चौधरी मोतीचंद अकुर चिरंजी-
2कुवरजी म।। पो। धार सन १२८५ फसली साल बा||सदर
3किर्दीची मलपृष्ठेची अवल आखर मलपृष्ठेचे येक येक
4पान सोडून बाकी पानावर येकापासून अडतीस पानापरयंत
5ओला घालून दर पानावर [ प्र।। मोटे प्र।। ] मोटी खासगीची
6मोहेर मो। जुन सन १८७७ इ।। महिन्यात करून दिल्ही परं-
7तू त्यात लिहिणे पुरे न जाहल्याकारणांनी हली जास्त पाने येकू-
8ण चालीसापासून छपन पानापरयंत अनुक्रमाने ओला
9घालून दर पानावर प्रा। मोटी खासगीची मोहेर करून
10दिल्ही असे ता।मो जुन सन १८७८ इ।। दस्तुर ब-
11लवंत नारायण
नि|| मोटी खासगी

1Supplemental account book of chaudhri Moti Chand Ankur ,
2son of Kunwar Ji, resident in pargana Dhar for the year 1285 of the Fasli era. According to orders,
3leaving aside each and every outer page of the book from first to last,
4on the remaining pages from one until thirty-eight,
5lines have been drawn, and on each page, the seal of the senior khasgi 1 has been affixed in the month of June of the Christian year 1877. But
6since the writing in it is not completed; additional pages,
7with lines drawn and the consecutive numbers forty to fifty-six
8have been added, and the seal of the senior khasgi affixed on each
9page. Such [is the situation] on the date of the 2nd of the month of June in the Christian year 1878 , written by
10 Balwant Narayan , in the service of the senior khasgi


1. In the neighbouring state of Gwalior, Khasgi referred to a very high-ranking official who managed the king’s household. See Amar Farooqui, Sindias and the Raj: Princely Gwalior 1800-1850 (Delhi: Primus Books, 2011), p. 59. [BACK]

landlord (similar to desai, deshmukh)

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect


officer of the royal household

officer of the royal household

officer of the royal household


Writer: Balwant Narayan




Choudhary Family Collection, Bada Raola Dhar, no shelfmark
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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