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Acknowledgement of a loan taken by Mansour bin Hamad Al-Nakhli from Seth Ratansi

Mansour bin Hamad Al-Nakhli acknowledges his debt of fifty-five silver coins (qirsh) to Ratansi bin Purshottam Al-Banyani and the right of Ratansi bin Purshottam Al-Banyani to five date palms from Mansour bin Hamad Al-Nakhli's garden.

Functional document type: Private Deeds

Formal document type: Iqrar

Themes: Buying and Selling, Debt and Mortgage, Gardens and Orchards, Money

Hijri-qamri calendar: 24 Ramadan 1314
Gregorian calendar: 26 February 1897

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

بمنّه تعالى

By the Grace of God

main text: Arabic

1اقر منصور بن حميد النخلي ان عليه لسيت رطنسى بن برسوتم البانياني
2 خمسة و خمسين قرشا فضه افرنسياً مؤجلة عليه له الي مضي خمسة اشهر
3زمانا منذ اليوم وقد اثبت له بحقه هذا خمس نخلات مبسلى من ماله
4المسمى بستان جبيل الكاين ببلد نخل اثباتا صحيحا ثابتا شرعا
5اقرارا منه بذلك بتاريخ يوم ٢٤ رمضان سنة ١٣١٤ وكتبه الفقير
6 صالح بن عامر الطيواني بيده
7اشهدني على ذلك فشهدت و انا الحقير حامد بن سالم بن محمد بيدي
8قذا خط القاضي صالح بن عامر صحيح و ثابت الحقير خلفان بن عامر تاريخ الورقة

1Mansour bin Hamad Al-Nakhli acknowledges that he owes to the Seth Ratansi bin Purshottam Al-Banyani
2fifty-five silver French qirsh, delayed upon him for the duration of five months’
3time from today, and he has confirmed for him [Ratansi] his [i.e. Ratansi's] right to five mature date palms from his [Mansour's] property
4which is called Jubail Garden in the town of Nakhl[a], and this is a valid, legal confirmation
5and an acknowledgement from him [Mansour] of that, on the date of 24 Ramadan 1314, and it was written by the wretched
6Saleh bin Amer Al-Tiwani, in his own hand.
7He had me bear witness to that, and I witnessed, and I am the wretched Hamid bin Salem bin Mohammed
8This is the handwriting of the qadi Saleh bin ‘Amer, confirmed and valid Khalfan bin Amer on the date of the waraqa

a silver coin, equivalent to a Maria Theresa Dollar

Islamic judge

document, especially financial deeds and contracts




Vimal Purecha Family Collection, no shelfmark
Archival Collection: Ratansi Purshottam collection

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