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Declaration of Gaundappa Mujgonda about the purchase of trees reported stolen from a garden

The cultivator Gaundappa Mujgonda declared before the judge (qazi) that trees reported stolen from the garden of a merchant were purchased from the brother of the headman (muqaddam) of the nearby village Nagansur.

Functional document type: Judicial Documents

Formal document type: Iqrar, Takrir

Themes: Agriculture, Buying and Selling, Disputes, Gardens and Orchards, Policing and Crime

Fasli calendar: 1106
Julus calendar: 4 Jumada al-sani 39
Hijri-qamri calendar: 4 Jumada al-sani 1107
Gregorian calendar: 10 January 1696

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invocation (top centre): Persian



endorsements (top left): Persian

1 احمد خادم شرع محمد
2گوندپا مجگونده حاضر آمده اقرار کرد
3که درختهای مذکورها در خانه راچپا مقدم
4و سدپا برادر او خرید کرده ام و مهر نموده شد

1[Round black ink seal] Ahmad servant of the law of Muhammad
2Gaundappa Mujgonda appeared and acknowledged
3 that I have [he has] purchased the aforesaid trees from the house of the muqaddam Rachappa
4 and his brother Sidappa and the seal has been applied.

authorisation (right margin): Persian

خانه زاد شاه عالمگیر

[Black ink teardrop seal] born in the house of Shah Alamgir

main text: Persian

1منکه گوندپا منجگونده و غیره مزارعان قصبه منور بزرگ ایم چون پواری دانسیتی مزارعه موضع
2 ناگنسر در عمله پرگنه اکلکوت دعوی کرد و تقاضا نمود که درختهای بابت باغ و گورستان خود از
3 قسم نیم و غیره بریده لوت کرده آورده اید جواب متاع من کنید بنابران بحضور اهالی
4 و موالی قصبه مذکور اقرار مینمایم که درختهای مذکور از باغ و گورستان مشارالیه نزد راچا مقدم
5 موضع مذکور و سدپا برادر او خریده آورده ایم اگر ثانی الحال نوعدیگر ظاهر شود خودها
6 از عهده جواب آن بر آیم انچند کلمه بطریق سند نوشت داده شد که ثانی الحال حجت شد
7درختها و اسامی بتفصل

1I, Gaundappa Mujgonda, and other cultivators of the qasba Greater Mannur [state that] Pawari Sethi, [son of] Dan Sethi at the time of sowing the fields of the village
2Nagansur made a complaint in the office of the pargana Akkalkot and demanded that "having cut and looted the trees associated with my garden and burial-ground
3of neem and other varieties, you [Gaundappa Mujgonda, etc.] brought [them]. Answer [i.e. compensate] for my goods." Regarding this,
4we acknowledge in the presence of all the inhabitants of the said town that those trees from the garden and burial-ground of the aforesaid [Pawari Sethi]
5were purchased from Rachappa, the muqaddam of the said village, and his brother Sidappa. If henceforth another kind [of complaint] should arise, we ourselves
6promise to respond. These few words were written in the form of sanad in case there is an objection in the future.
7Details of the trees and the persons

particulars (middle): Persian

1مشاراله درخت نیم عددان
2رایا کروتی درخت املی عدد
3بهرماکوپ گونده درخت املی عدد
4چنپا چوند سیتی درخت نیم عدد
5رایا کودی درخت نیم عددان

1Aforesaid [Gaundappa Mujgonda] neem tree[s] two
2Raya Karoti tamarind tree one
3Brahmagop Gonda tamarind tree one
4Chenappa Chaund Sethi neem tree one
5Raya Kavadi neem tree[s] two

main text (right margin): Persian

تحریراً فی التاریخ چهارم شهر جمادی الثانی سنه ۳۹ جلوس والا بیض

Written on the date of the 4th of the month Jumada al-sani of the regnal year 39. Ended.

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main text: Marathi

1तकरीर कर्दे गौडपा मुजगोडा वगैरे क׀׀ मणौर बु׀׀
2सु׀׀ ११०६ लिहून दीधले यैसा जे पावाडी सेटी दान सेटी
3मुजाहीम जाले की आपले बाग व बाडीतील नीब तोडून आणीले
4तमाम बाग लुटून आला आहे त्याचा जवाब करणे म्हणोऊ
5तरी आपण तुमचे बागमधे आपखुदीने सर्व तोडली
6नाही सीदापा बि׀׀ राचापा मोकदम मौजे नागनसूर
7याने आपणाचा वीकत दीधले बि׀׀

1Takrir of Gaundappa Mujgonda and other cultivators of the qasba Greater Mannur
2written in the Suhur year 1106,1 such that Pawari Sethi, [son of] Dan Sethi
3objected that the neem [trees] in their gardens and compounds have been cut down and taken,
4and that the entire garden has been looted. In response to their [complaint],
5we did not independently cut down all the trees in your garden.
6Sidappa, brother of Rachappa, the muqaddam of the village Nagansur,
7sold them to us. In particular:

particulars: Marathi

1गौडपा नीब झाड
2रायापा करोटी गोडचे
3अद [ब׀׀] चीच झाड
5चे अद [व नीबचे झाड]
6चेनपा चैऊड सेटी नीब
7राया कवडी गोडचे अदान व नीब झाड

12 Gaundappa, neem trees
21 Rayappa Karoti Gonda's
3onetamarind tree
41 Brahmagopa Gonda's
5one [and neem tree]
61 Chenappa Chaund Sethi, neem [tree]
72 Raya Kavadi Gonda's two and neem trees

main text: Marathi

1येकून सनगे सात सदरहू प्र׀׀ ख׀׀ करून आणीली आहे
2याचा कमपेश जालीयाने आपण जवाब करून हे लिहून दील्हे
3तकरीर सही

1All together the aforesaid seven trees were purchased.
2If anything more or less should happen, we will answer for it. This written
3takrir is approved.

witness (bottom): Marathi

endorsements (right margin): Marathi

1द׀׀ मोकदम कसबे मजकूर
2[Figure: plough]

3 द׀׀ कुलकर्णी क׀׀

1Writing of the muqaddam of the said qasba
2[Figure (right margin): plough]

3Writing of the kulkarni
4of the said qasba


1. While the short-form used indicates the Suhur calendar, the year 1106 to accord with the regnal year written at the end of the document must be reckoned by the Fasli calendar. See essay on Document Features. [BACK]

village headman

town, small city


village headman

generically, a document

statement or narrative of a case

town, small city

village headman

statement or narrative of a case

village headman

town, small city

village record-keeper

town, small city




Bharat Itihas Sansodhak Mandal, rumal 4, no. 47
Archival Collection: Solapur Deshmukh collection

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