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Order of Maharaja Man Singh to the merchants of Bhilwara to come to the Mundwa fair

Maharaja Man Singh instructs the merchants of Bhilwara to bring goods to the fair in Mundwa in exchange for a reduction in transit taxes.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Taxation and Tribute, Trade

Samvat-shravanadi calendar: 12 Ashwin sudi 1876
Gregorian calendar: 30 October 1819

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invocation (top centre): Rajasthani

श्री जलंधरनाथ जी सत्य छै

Shri Jalandharnath Ji is the truth

later addition (top centre): English

authorisation (middle centre): Rajasthani

1॥ श्री ॥
2सिदेश्वर श्री जलधर
चरणसर राज
4राजेश्वर महाराजा धिराज
5महाराजा श्री मांसिंह
6जी [करपमुका ]


[Round black ink seal ]
2The great ascetic Shri Jalandharnath
3The greatest king of kings,
4great king of kings
5Maharaja Shri Man Singh

7[Figure: A stylized drawing of a dagger]

main text: Rajasthani

1॥ स्वारुप श्री राज राजेश्वर महाराजा धिरा-
2ज महाराजा श्री मांनसिंघ जी वचनात
3भीलाडा रा महाजनां वोपारीयां दिसे
4।तथा खातर जंमैं राख मूंडवा रै मेलै माल
5जिंनस लेनै आवजो हासल मै अधक री
6माफ हुसी ।सबत १८७६ रा आसोज सुद १२
7मुकांम पायतखत गढ जोधपुर

1Sarup Shri Greatest of Kings, the Great King of Kings,
2Maharaja Shri Man Singh Ji says
3to the great merchants and traders of Bhil[w]ara:
4Thus, set your minds at ease. Bringing goods and
5items, come to the Mundwa fair. From the hasal,
6half will be forgiven. Asoj [Ashwin] sudi 12 of the year 1876.
7Place: The foot of the throne [i.e., the royal capital], Fort Jodhpur

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clerical notes (top centre): Rajasthani

।नकल लीवी श्री हजुर रै दफतर

Copy taken [in] the daftar of Shri Huzur.

invocation (bottom centre): Rajasthani

॥ श्री ॥



1. This remark may have been added by James Tod. [BACK]

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

wealthy merchant, moneylender

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

the earring worn by the nath yogis (sometimes used as an invocative or honorific word)

an honorific added to a name or title to show respect

a type of tax

light half of the lunar month (when the moon is waxing)

register (particularly in the compound "daftar-khana," also refers to a record-keeping office and repository)

honoured lord (used to refer to a ruler and to his court or establishment)


Issuer: Maharaja Man Singh




Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Tod mss. 145, loose leaf paper
Archival Collection: James Tod collection

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