Catalogue of Privy Council Papers

The catalogue contains key details for approximately 10,000 cases, decided between 1792-1998, links to full-text judgements from BAILII where available, and the full-text Printed Papers for 6 cases.


Showing 1581 to 1590 of 1665 papers, ordered by ref (ascending)
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Reference Date Location Appellant/respondent Judges Description
1990_32 05-Jul-90 UK Medical- The Professional Committee of The General Medical Council John Patrick Hickey v The General Medical Council    
1990_4 29-Jan-90 UK Overseas (Cayman islands) Edward Rothnie Ebanks and Edward Rothnie Ebanks (as joint administrator of the Estate of Henry London Ebanks -Deceased) v Hope Glidden Borden (as joint administratrix of the Estate of of Henry London Ebanks -Deceased)    
1990_46 29-Oct-90 UK Overseas (Channel Islands) Hadsphaltic International Limited v (1) Tower Corporation Limited and (2) Maples and Calder    
1990_47 30-Oct-90 UK Medical- The Professional Committee of The General Dental Council George Hugh Kevin Brown v The General Dental Council    
1991_17 22-Apr-91 UK Overseas (Cayman Islands) (1) Richard ). Bertoli (2) Leo M. Eisenberg and (3) Richard S. Cannistraro v Sir Denis Malone in his capacity as the Cayman Mutual legal Assistance Authority pursuant to Section 4 of The Mutual Legal Assistance (United States of America) Law 1986    
1991_24 19-Jun-91 UK Medical- The Professional Conduct Committee of The General Medical Council Dr. Niaz Mand Cairn v The General Medical Council    
1991_33 14-Oct-91 West Indies- Windward and Leeward Islands (Antigua and Barbuda) Ruth Browne v St. Clair Perry    
1991_40 25-Nov-91 Brunei Darussalam Lim Teng Huan (suing as Administrator of the estate of Lim lian Ching) v Ang Swee Chuan    
1991_8 04-Mar-91   Mohammed Ali Reza v The General Medical Council    
1992_12 06-Apr-92 UK Overseas (Cayman Islands) Christopher Dorrien Johnson v Carolyn Eva Johnson    
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