Catalogue of Privy Council Papers

The catalogue contains key details for approximately 10,000 cases, decided between 1792-1998, links to full-text judgements from BAILII where available, and the full-text Printed Papers for 6 cases.


Showing 141 to 150 of 1665 papers, ordered by ref (ascending)
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Reference Date Location Appellant/respondent Judges Description
1792_162 1801-2-3 West Indies Jamaica Charles Mitchell, Equire Adminiftrator of William Innes, Merchant Deceafed v Hugh Barnett, Efquire William Hugh Barnett & Mary Ann Baenett Infants Robert Mc Ghie James Mc Ghie Jonathan Mc Ghie Efquires Simon Taylor George Briffett Jofeph Briffett Efquires Executors of Richard Briffett Efquire Deceafed   PP., Appellant's case, Respondent/s case Richard Brissett, Respondent's case Hugh Barnett, Appendix to Barnett case, Supplement to the Reasons, Appendix to Appellant's case,
1792_17 1792-94-95. West Indies Jamaica Jean Elizabeth de Gramont Vallette v Henry & Hannah Shirley   PP.12, Appellant's case., Respondent's case.,
1792_170 1804 to 1806 Canada Montreal/Quebec, Lower Canada Augustin Belanger Napier Christie Burton , Efquires v Pierre Pinconne   PP.10, Appellant's case,
1792_173 1804 to 1806 Canada Montreal/Quebec, Lower Canada Simon McTavish & Others v Samuel Gerrard   PP.12, Respondent's case,
1792_18 1792-94-95. Newfoundland Hugh Rowe Elias Rowe v Andrew Caffidy   PP.8, Appellant's case., Respondent's case.,
1792_19 1792-94-95. West Indies Jamaica Robert Morgan Efq v John Mac Aulay Efq George Scott Efq   PP.20, Appellant's case., Respondent's case,
1792_2 1792-94-95. India Bombay Dorabjee Furdonjee v Harridafs Nagurdafs   PP.12, Appellant's case.,
1792_20 1792-94-95. West Indies Jamaica Margaret Stone Samuel Stone Richard Robert Stone On Behalf of Theodore Stone & William Vaffall Stone both deceased v John Wedderburn James Sharpe Executors of Thomas King deceased formerly one of the executors of Theodore Stone deceased   PP.38, Appellant's case., Respondent's case.,
1792_21 1792-94-95. West Indies Jamaica Sarah Davifson widow of Thomas Davifson Thomas Francis Davifson James Lawrence Davifson Harriet Jane Davifson William Mitchell & Donald Campbell surviving trustees of the deceased v John Chorley Efquire   PP.26, Appellant's case.,
1792_22 1792-94-95. West Indies Jamaica Daniel Shea Richard Shes William Crombie Stevenfon v Stephen & Elizabeth Donelan   PP.26, Appellant's case., Respondent's case.,
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