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Paper 41 of 1665 , ordered by ref (ascending)

Reference: 1792_1204
Date: 1868
Appellant: Anandia alias Ranee Kunjara Naucheyar & Mungalaswara Naucheyar
Respondent: Parvata Vardani Naucheyar Muttu Ramalinga Tevar & The Collector of Madura
Judges: Lord Westbury, The Master of the Rolls, Sir James W. Colvile, Sir Edward Vaughan Williams, Sir Lawrence Peel,
Description: PP.391, Appellant's case, Respondent's case, Appellant's case, Respondent's case, Record of Proceedings, JUDGMENT, Decision the two Appeals & the cross Appeal Dismissed with costs, ORDER IN COUNCIL 19TH JUNE 1868, ORDER IN COUNCIL 10TH NOVEMBER 1866, ORDER IN COUNCIL 10TH JUNE 1868, ORDER IN COUNCIL 19TH JUNE 1868,