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Id: 101
Ref: STC 20141
Title: The Catholikes Supplication unto the Kings Majestie; For Toleration of Catholike Religion in England: With Short Notes or Animadversions in the margine. Whereunto is annexed Parallel-wise, a Supplicatorie Counterpoyse of the Protestants, unto the same most excellent Majestie. Together with the reasons of both sides, for and against toleration of divers Religions.
Year: 1603
Author: Gabriel Powel
Printer: Felix Kyngston
Publisher: Edmund Weaver
Categories: James I
Notes: Author's name not printed on title page. Dedicatory epistle 'To the Christian Reader' signed Gabriel Powel. The work presents parallel texts of Catholic and Protestant petitions on religious toleration each addressed to the 'Most puissant Prince'. The Catholic text adds 'and orient Monarch', which the Protestant text alters to 'and mightie Monarch'. James I is not named. The book is a Protestant attack on Catholic petitions to the monarch for religious toleration. The original Catholic petition is not located; Christopher Muriell attacked the same work that Powel is attacking here [see STC 18292]. Two other copies [see STC 20141.5 and STC 20141.3].
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