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Id: 108
Ref: STC 21286
Title: A Treatise of Gods Effectual Calling: Written First in the Latine tongue, by the reverend and faithfull servant of Christ, Maister Robert Rollock, Preacher of Gods word in Edenburgh. And now Faithfully Translated for the benefite of the unlearned, into the English tongue, by Henry Holland, Preacher in London.
Year: 1603
Author: Robert Rollock
Henry Holland
Printer: Felix Kyngston
Categories: James I
Notes: Biblical epigraph on title page: 2 Peter 1:10: 'Give diligent heede to make your calling and election sure.' 4-page dedication: 'The Author's Epistle to the Most High and Mightie Prince, James the sixt, now by God's free mercie, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland'. This epistle is signed by Rollock, who died in 1599. The dedication in this edition is a translation of the Latin dedication to James that appeared in Rollock's original Latin work ['Tractus de vocatione efficaci' (STC 21285)]. This 1603 translation is by the Calvinist priest Henry Holland. The reference to James now being king of England is Holland's addition to Rollock's Latin.
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