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Id: 109
Ref: STC 21364
Title: Ave Caesar. God save the King. The joyfull Ecchoes of loyall English hartes, entertayning his Majesties late arivall in England. With an Epitaph upon the death of her Majestie our late Queene.
Year: 1603
Author: Samuel Rowlands
Publisher: George Loftus
William Furbrand
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Publishers given as W.F. and G.L. on title page; Furbrand and Loftus suggested by STC. The main poem, 'Ave Caesar', laments Elizabeth I and welcomes James I. Another poem, 'An Epitaph on the death of her most Royall Majestie', is printed in the middle of 'Ave Caesar', effectively acting as a hinge between mourning for Elizabeth and joy for James. The epitaph for Elizabeth is signed S.R.; for the attribution to Samuel Rowlands, on the grounds that the publishers also produced some of his other works, see 'Fugitive Tracts', p. vi.
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