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Id: 111
Ref: STC 17153
Title: The True Narration of the Entertainment of his Royall Majestie, from the time of his departure from Edenbrough; till his receiving at London: with all or the most speciall Occurrences. Together with the names of those Gentlemen whom his Majestie honoured with Knighthood.
Year: 1603
Author: T. M.
Printer: Thomas Creede
Publisher: Thomas Millington
Categories: James I
Notes: Entered into the Stationer's Register on 9 May 1603. Author's initials do not appear on the title page. The prose dedication 'To the Reader' is signed by T.M., who may possibly be the publisher rather than the author of the account. Lacking other evidence, however, 'T.M.' is given as the author here. Prose narrative of James I's progress from Scotland to England after the death of Elizabeth I in March 1603.
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