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Id: 135
Ref: STC 19018; Case 26
Title: Oxoniensis Academiae Funebre Officium In Memoriam Honoratissimam Serenissimae et Beatissimae Elisabethae, Nuper Angliae, Franciae, & Hiberniae Reginae.
Year: 1603
Author: William Twisse
William Thorne
William Sparke
William Paddy
William Osbaldeston
William Norris
William Langton
William Kingesmill
William Kempe
William Herbert
William Helme
William Gager
William Douche
William Cotton
William Combe
William Bridges
William Branche
William Blagrove
William Benyon
William Barlow
Walter Bennett
Walkeden Woode
Tobias Stoyt
Thomas Wright
Thomas Winniffe
Thomas Wiatt
Thomas Watkins
Thomas Tesdale
Thomas Tayler
Thomas Sparke
Thomas Singleton
Thomas Ravis
Thomas Pope
Thomas Polwhele
Thomas Phippes
Thomas Peacock
Thomas Morton
Thomas Messinger
Thomas Maurice
Thomas Lydiat
Thomas Knyvett
Thomas Howell
Thomas Holland
Thomas Hitchcock
Thomas Harlowe
Thomas Hall
Thomas Gwynn
Thomas Gewen
Thomas Dochyn
Thomas Baughe
Thomas Aylesbury
Thomas Antrobus
Thomas Adams
Theophilus Tuer
Theophilus Higgons
T. L.
Simon Juckes
Simon Baskerville
Samuel Turner
Samuel Radcliffe
Samuel German
Samuel Baylye
Sampson Newton
Rowland Searchfield
Robert Willoughby
Robert Vilvain
Robert Polden
Robert Pinck
Robert Percy
Robert Morebread
Robert Lloyd
Robert Lake
Robert Freke
Robert Fawne
Robert Chamberlayne
Robert Burhill
Robert Barnes
Robert Atye
Richard Williams
Richard Nanney
Richard Love
Richard Greene
Richard Etkins
Richard Crakanthorpe
Richard Carpenter
Richard Care
Richard Bourne
Richard Boughton
Richard Astley
Richard Andrews
Rawligh Bussye
Ralph Hutchinson
Ralph Barlow
R. D. Gentleman
Peter Turner
Peter Lawson
P. D.
Nicholas Lymbe
Nicholas Higges
Nicholas Deeble
Nicholas Bond
Nathaniel Tomkins
Martin Okyn
Laurence Humphrey
Joseph Colmore
John Yonge
John Wrenford
John Woodford
John Webbe
John Smith
John Sandsbury
John Sandford
John Reynolds
John Rawlinson
John Perinne
John Pennington
John Marson
John Lee
John Laurence
John King
John Hunt
John Howson
John Hoskins
John Foote
John Eveleighe
John Estmonde
John Drake
John Chichester
John Budden
John Brickenden
John Babington
John Aglionby
John Abbott
James Wrench
James Westover
James Cook
Humphrey Fenn
Henry Shelley
Henry Chittye
Henry Byam
Henry Bust
Henry Airay
Hattil Woode
H. Jordan
Griffith Powell
Gilbert Hawthorn
George Sommastre
George Ryves
George Rainsbie
George Johnson
George Hamden
George Hakewill
George Grenvill
George Elgar
George Browne
George Bostocke
George Blagrove
George Abbot
Gabriel Richardson
Gabriel Powel
Francis Sydney
Francis Souch
Francis James
Francis Everton
Francis Capp
Francis Alexander
Evan Vaughan
Edward Lapworth
Edward James
Edward Evans
Edmund Lillie
Edmund Harewell
Edmund Gunter
Edmund Coles
Daniel James
Daniel Gardiner
Cuthbert Ridley
Clement Wescomb
Charles Fitzgeffry
Champion Gittins
Bryan Holled
Augustine Stewarde
Anthony Barker
Andrew Corbett
Andrew Adams
Alberico Gentili
Absolom Gethyn
Abel Treffry
Publisher: Joseph Barnes
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Imprint reads 'Excudebat Josephus Barnesius' [ie. printed by Joseph Barnes]. Joseph Barnes's son, Robert, is one of the contributors to this volume. Both Oxford and Cambridge produced volumes of verse commemorating the 1603 succession. Whilst Cambridge produced a single volume designed both to mourn Elizabeth I and celebrate James I [see STC 4493], along with an even shorter vernacular anthology [see STC 7598], Oxford produced two large volumes, one primarily designed to mourn the dead queen and another to celebrate the new king. This is the former of the two, although there are some verses that turn to celebrate James herein. Poems mainly in Latin, though with some in Greek, Hebrew, French and Italian. A fully edited text with translation can be found in 'Nichols', IV, pp. 389-734. NOTES ON CONTRIBUTORS: the John King here should not be confused with the John King who would go on to write a Latin elegy for James I in 1625; the Thomas Adams who contributes here is a different person to the Thomas Adams who preaches on the death of James in 1625; William Herbert in this anthology is not the poet of the same name whose poem 'Cadwallader' would be printed in 1604. A number of other contributors, though, did produce other works occasioned by this succession: Gabriel Powel, for example, dedicated anti-Catholic polemics to James and William Thorne's 'A kenning-glass' was dedicated to the new king. Many of the poets here also contributed verses to the second 1603 Oxford volume celebrating the accession of James I.
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