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Id: 138
Ref: STC: 14423.7
Title: Great Britaines Sorrow For the Death of her late deceased all beloved Soveraigne Lord King James, Who dyed at his Manour of Theobalds, on Sunday, March 27. 1625. And the Peoples Joy In the welcome proclaiming of his undoubted Sonne, and our Leige Lord Charles King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, &c.
Year: 1625
Categories: James I
Charles I
Notes: No imprint, so no details of printer, publisher, place or date of publication are given. London suggested by STC. The author's focus on the conflict between sorrow and joy and the transfer of power from James I to Charles I - a change that is 'Nothing but in Name' - points strongly to a publication date of 1625. Engraving shows Charles on horseback in the foreground, surrounded by mourners, with James lying on a hearse behind.
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