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Id: 139
Ref: STC: 14426.3
Title: Mirth in Mourning: or, Joyes conquest of Sorrow, gotten by a Combate betweene griefefull Joy, and joyfull Griefe; occasioned by the decease of our late Soveraigne Lord, King James, who dyed the seven and twentieth day of March, 1625. And the ever-happy declaration of our thrice-Royall Charles, King of great Brittaine, France, and Ireland, &c.
Year: 1625
Publisher: H.G.
Categories: James I
Charles I
Notes: No date is given on the imprint. The poem's descriptions of the nation's sorrow for the death of James I and the celebrations that greeted the announcement of Charles I's succession makes 1625 the most likely date of publication. The main poem deals with the death of James and the succession of Charles. This is followed by a shorter poem: 'A briefe recitall and manner of the conveiance of his Corps from Theobalds to Denmarke-House, the 4. of Aprill. 1625.'
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