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Id: 141
Ref: STC (2nd ed.): 20823
Title: The Red-Crosse: or, Englands Lord have mercy upon us. [A lamen]table Relation of many Visitations by the Plague in times past, as well in other Countries as in the City of London, and the certaine causes thereof: With a true number of all those that dyed in the last great Visitation, at the comming in of King James: And also the number of all those that have dyed this present Visitation; with two speciall Medicines against the Plague.
Year: 1625
Publisher: John Trundle
Categories: James I
Charles I
Notes: Strictly speaking this is a piece of plague literature, written on the outbreak in London in 1625. The author does, however, count among the reasons for the outbreak London's negligence in mourning the death of 'our late Soveraigne deceased', who 'we had almost ungratefully forgotten in a day.' The work therefore seems to link the plague and the succession.
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