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Id: 143
Ref: STC (2nd ed.): 5030
Title: A True Discourse of all the Royal Passages, Tryumphs and Ceremonies, observed at the Contract and Mariage of the High and Mighty Charles, King of Great Britaine, and the most Excellentest of Ladies, the Lady Henrietta Maria of Burbon, sister to the most Christian King of France. Together with her Journey from Paris to Bulloigne, and thence unto Dover in England, where the King met her, and the manner of their enterview.
Year: 1625
Author: John Finch
Printer: John Haviland
Publisher: Hanna Barrett
Categories: Charles I
Henrietta Maria
Notes: Latin epigraph on title page: 'O quam te memorem virgo. -- | -- O Dea Certe' [Virgil, 'Aeneid' I.327-328]. The work is mainly a description of Henrietta Maria's arrival in England, which is anonymous. In the middle of this description there is spliced into the book the text of two speeches given by MP John Finch: the first delivered to Charles I at Canterbury in 1625; the second delivered to Charles I and Henrietta at Canterbury on June 15 1625. Evidence from the state of the text suggests that the decision to include these speeches was made at a late stage in the printing process since they seem to have interrupted the original order of the text. Pagination halts at p. 28 before the first speech and continues at p. 29 at the end of the second. Two lines of text carry over from p. 28 onto the first page of the first speech. These lines are also printed at the top of p. 29, but are crossed out.
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