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Id: 147
Ref: STC (2nd ed.): 21663
Title: Part of Du Bartas, English and French, and in his Owne Kinde of Verse, so neare the French Englished, as may teach an English-man French, or a French-man English.
Year: 1625
Author: William L'Isle
Guillaume Du Bartas
Publisher: John Haviland
Categories: Charles I
Henrietta Maria
Notes: Latin epigraph on title page: 'Sufficit exigua fecisse in parte periculum. | Haec Regi placeant, & sic quoque caetera vertam.' L'Isle's translation of part of Du Bartas's 'Divine Weeks'. Includes one poem on Charles's accession: 'A Pastoral Dedication to the King'. An emblem depicts the lily and the rose joined. The work appears to be framing the translation of French poetry into English through the union of English and French monarchies in the marriage of Charles I and Henrietta Maria.
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