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Id: 176
Ref: STC: 18030
Title: Appello Caesarem. A Just Appeale From Two Unjust Informers.
Year: 1625
Author: Richard Mountagu
Publisher: Matthew Lownes
Categories: Charles I
Notes: 8-page dedication addressed 'To His Most Sacred Majesty', signed by Richard Montagu. He explains that the work was originally intended to be read by James I. The work is part of a debate that had been under way since the early 1620s surrounding Montagu's 'A New Gagg for an Old Goose', itself a response to a work by John Heigham that had attacked Montagu's handling of a supposed infiltration of Catholics amongst his flock [see ODNB]. Montagu's work prompted several replies and here he responds, claiming that he had been traduced for a Catholic and that James I had supported him. The dedication to the new monarch seems designed to maintain royal support in the controversy.
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