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Id: 177
Ref: STC (2nd ed.): 18359
Title: Christs Starre Or, A Christian Treatise for our Direction to our Saviour, and for our conjunction with him. Declaring Christs Excellence, our necessitie of him, his great love and manifold mercies bestowed upon us; as also some of our duties.
Year: 1625
Author: William Narne
Publisher: Christopher Meredith
Philemon Stephens
Categories: Charles I
Notes: 'Ad Serenissimum et Illustrissimum Principem Carolum Magnae Britanniae Principem' - 2-page Latin verse addressing Charles I. 6-page English dedication addressed 'To the Most Illustrious and Mighte Prince Charles, Prince of Great Britaine, Grace in this life, and Glory in the life to come'.
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