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Id: 34
Ref: STC 5121
Title: Englandes Mourning Garment: Worne here by plaine Shepheardes; in memorie of their sacred Mistresse, Elizabeth, Queene of Vertue while shee lived, and Theame of Sorrow, being dead. To which is added the true manner of her Emperiall Funerall. After which foloweth the Shepheards Spring-Song, for entertainment of King James our most potent Soveraigne. Dedicated to all that loved the deceased Queene, and honor the living King.
Year: 1603
Author: Henry Chettle
Printer: Valentine Sims
Publisher: Thomas Millington
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Printer given as V.S. on imprint; Valentine Sims suggested by STC. Chettle's name does not appear on the title page, but there is an epistle 'To the Reader' at the back of the book signed Hen. Chettle. A second edition was printed in 1603 [see STC 5122] with minor variants. A pirated edition was also confiscated in 1603 [ODNB]. Latin epigraph on title page: 'Non verbis sed Virtute' [Not words but deeds]. Pastoral dialogue in prose and verse about Elizabeth's reign and death, concluding with 'The Funerall Song...upon the Death of the sacred Virgin Elizabeth'. Description of the order and proceedings of Elizabeth's funeral. 1 congratulatory verse on James's royal entrance: 'The Shepheard's Spring Song'.
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