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Id: 42
Ref: STC 7085
Title: A Perswasion to the English Recusants, to Reconcile themselves to the Church of England. Written for the better satisfaction of those which be ignorant.
Year: 1603
Author: John Dove
Printer: Valentine Sims
Publisher: Cuthbert Burby
Categories: James I
Notes: Printer given as V.S. on imprint; Valentine Sims suggested by STC. 2 biblical epigraphs on title page: Psalm 72 [verse 1]: 'Give thy judgement to the King, O God, and thy righteousnes to the Kings sonne'; 1 Peter 2 [verse 17]: 'Feare God, Honour the King'. 2-page dedication addressed 'To the most High and Mighty Prince, James by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defendour of the Faith.' Dove urges James 'to bring all these your Kingdomes to the acknowledgement and profession of one truth' [sig. A2v]. The work was re-printed in 1604, with the same dedication [see STC 7085.5].
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