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Id: 45
Ref: STC 7231
Title: To the Majestie of King James. A gratulatorie Poem.
Year: 1603
Author: Michael Drayton
Printer: James Roberts
Publisher: Humphrey Lownes
Thomas Man
Categories: James I
Notes: Imprint reads printed for T.M. and H.L.; Man and Lownes from STC. The poem exists in two impressions, of which this is the first [for the second see STC 7231.3]. This first version includes an incomplete genealogical table, illustrating James's descent, printed on the final leaf. A note 'To the Reader' explains that the table 'is but a part ... of the large Genealogie'. The second impression has a slightly different table printed at the front with a new note 'To the Reader' at the back.
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