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Id: 47
Ref: STC 11086
Title: A Briefe and Familiar Epistle Shewing His Majesties Most Lawfull, Honourable and Just Title to All His Kingdomes. With an Epitaph or briefe lamentation for the late Majestie Royall of most famous, godly, and honourable memory: With a rejoycing after sorrow for the same. And lastly a prayer for his Majesties most happy succession, and for the Queene and their children.
Year: 1603
Author: Robert Fletcher
Publisher: John Harrison
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Queen Anne of Denmark
Notes: A dedicatory epistle by Fletcher addressed to Marmaduke Darell, the 'Clarke Comptroller of the late Queenes Majesties household', is dated 23 April 1603. 'A briefe and familiar epistle' describes James's lineage and claims he was Elizabeth I's chosen successor. 2 poems: 'An epitaph or brief lamentation for the late Majestie Royall' and 'Our late sorrow, and our present joy'. 1 prayer: 'A praier for the King, the Queene, and their Children' where Elizabeth is compared to David, James to Solomon and Anne of Denmark to Bathsheba, Esther and Judith; the Scottish King James is also described as 'a Prince of our English Tribe extracted' [sig. B3v].
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