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Id: 49
Ref: STC 12061
Title: A Panegyrique of Congratulation for the Concord of the Realmes of Great Britaine in Unitie of Religion, and Under One King. To the Most High, most puissant and magnanimous, James King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland.
Year: 1603
Author: John Gordon
E. G.
Printer: R. Read
Publisher: Geffrey Chorlton
Categories: James I
Notes: Printer given as R.R. on title page; R. Read suggested by STC. Originally in French by Gordon. The title page here suggests that this is a translation into English by one E.G., the identity of whom is uncertain. It may be Edward Grimeston [EEBO, STC]. However, the translation is not attributed to Grimeston in either of two articles about him: see Clark,'Edward Grimeston, the Translator' EHR 43 (1928), 585-98 and Boas, 'Edward Grimeston, Translator and Sergeant-at-arms' Modern Philology 3 (1906), 395-409. The ODNB entry for Gordon suggests that he was responsible for both French and English versions. Indeed, the same text, in what looks like the same setting, was re-issued under two different titles in 1604 [see STC 12062 and STC 12062.3] both of which are attributed on their title pages to Gordon only with no mention of E.G. or Grimeston.
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