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Id: 59
Ref: STC 13592
Title: Pancharis: The first Booke. Containing The Preparation of the Love betweene Owen Tudyr, and the Queene, Long since intended to her Maiden Majestie: And now dedicated To the Invincible James, Second and greater Monarch of great Britaine, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, with the Islands adjacent.
Year: 1603
Author: Hugh Holland
Printer: Valentine Sims
Publisher: Clement Knight
Categories: James I
Prince Henry Frederick
Queen Anne of Denmark
Notes: Entered into the Stationer's Register 1 August 1603. Printer given as V.S. on imprint; Valentine Simms suggested by STC. Latin epigraph on title page from Martial ['Epigrams' 6:61 l.10]: 'Victurus Genium debet habere liber.' 'Sonet Acrosticke' addressed 'To my Lord the King'; the acrostic spells out James Stevvarte, with two 'v's taking the place of a 'w'. One poem addressed 'To the Bright Queene Anne his deere Wife, and our dread Lady.' 'Sonet Acrosticke' addressed 'To my Lord the Prince'; the acrostic spells out 'Henry Stevvarte', with two 'v's again taking the place of a 'w'. Other dedicatory poems in Latin addressed to Arbella Stuart, William Camden, Andrew Downes and Nicholas Hill. 'Pancharis' was 'probably composed around 1601' and '[i]ntended as a dynastic compliment to Elizabeth' [ODNB].
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