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Id: 62
Ref: STC 14299
Title: Davids Pastorall Poeme: Or Sheepeheards Song. Seven Sermons, on the 23. Psalme of David, whereof the last was preached at Ashford in Kent, the day whereon our gracious King was there proclaimed.
Year: 1603
Author: Thomas Jackson
Printer: Thomas Purfoot
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Sold by Edmund Weaver. Collection of seven sermons on Pslam 23. The seventh sermon was delivered on 26 March, the first Saturday after Elizabeth's death and the day that James was proclaimed King. This context is highlighted in the dedicatory epistle to Robert Honnywood of Hoggesdon. Here, Jackson explained that the sermon was part of a series delivered on Psalm 23 by himself and other clergymen on market day at Ashford. Hearing the news of Elizabeth's death and James's accession, Jackson claims initially to have been astonished but came to see it as an act of providence that his sermon should coincide with the occasion of the peaceful succession: 'my ordinarie text and premeditations (with some small chaunge of phrases or stile) did better agree with the present occasion, then many others which might have beene purposely and curiously chosen'. The dedication is dated at the end 'the last of September 1603'. The seventh sermon is preached on Psalm 23:5-6: 'Thou dost prepare a Table before me, in the sight of mine Adversaries, &c.'
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