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Id: 63
Ref: STC 14353
Title: Basilikon Doron. Or His Majesties Instructions to His Dearest Sonne, Henrie the Prince.
Year: 1603
Author: James Stuart
Printer: Richard Field
Publisher: John Norton
Categories: James I
Prince Henry Frederick
Notes: First published in Edinburgh in 1599 [STC 14348]. Printed here 'according to the Copie printed at Edenburgh [sic]' [from imprint]. The London copy of the book was entered into the Stationer's Register on March 28 1603 to a syndicate of booksellers [Rickard, 'Authorship and Authority', p. 113]. Norton was the publisher of another edition in 1603, this time printed by Felix Kyngston [see STC 14350]. One of the dedicatory sonnets printed in the 1599 edition is removed and a lengthy preface 'To the Reader' is added. Whilst not signed, this preface is by James himself. In it, he explains how he had initially only allowed 7 copies of the work to be printed 'to be dispersed amongst some of my trustiest servands' [sig. A2v]. Since the book has now been 'vented, and set forth to the publicke view of the worlde', however, James explains that he has been forced to publish 'true copies...for defacing of the false' [sig. A3r]. On the alterations to the presentation of kingship between 1599 and 1603 versions, see Rickard, 'Authorship and Authority', pp. 114-115.
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