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Id: 69
Ref: STC (2nd ed.) / 14377
Title: A Fruitefull Meditation Containing. A plaine and easie Exposition, or laying open of the 7. 8. 9. and 10. verses of the 20. chap. of the Revelation, in forme and maner of a Sermon.
Year: 1603
Author: Patrick Galloway
James Stuart
M.I. Malcolmum
J. St.
Publisher: John Harrison
Categories: Poetry
James I
Notes: Title page reads: 'Imprinted first in Scottish at Edenburgh, by Henry Charteris. 1588' [this is STC 14376]. Preface addressed 'To the Christian Reader' signed by M. Patrick Galloway, Minister of Perth, and dated 1 October 1588. Following the title, Galloway claims the work was in the 'forme and maner of a Sermon'. It does not seem as if James actually preached it as a sermon however. It is therefore catalogued here as a meditation. Two Latin poems addressed to James signed M.I. Malcolmum. English translations of these Latin verses by J. St: 'An Epigram by the Trope or Figure of Allusion' and 'The Expounding of Prophecie'. These translations do not appear in the 1588 version. Exposition of Revelation 20:7-10: 'And when the thousand yeares are expired [...] tormented even day and night for evermore.'
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